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  • hand chain of oil painting business zhang always in online auction platform by himself

    date:2017-03-18 1:52:56  |  views:22

    Operating collectables - autograph hand chain of oil painting business zhang always in online auction platform by himself, he hostage to reporter: "upload more items, the customer can be a bit more decision." At auction the interface of goods, detailed introduction of golden model in sequence from top to bottom is subsoil, product introduction, product pictures, picture below reveale..
  • How to clean dirt on the surface of oil painting?With Picture

    date:2017-02-11 22:59:02  |  views:158

    How to clean dirt on the surface of oil painting? Hand-painted oil painting is improperly stored for a long time, the oil painting pictures very prone to dust and stains, make images of the surface layer of light oil prone yellow dim, affect the picture. Clean oil painting of the general method: first with a soft brush or feather duster to clean again, reoccupy wet water wipe clean cott..
  • How to study the complex painting skills?With Picture

    date:2016-08-16 3:41:05  |  views:543

    How to study the complex painting skills? Classical transparent painting what is method (1) the rough sketch. Transparent painting mainly depends on fogged, monochrome bottom - sketch of success. At this stage, you can use any sketch medium - charcoal, such as colour chalk clearly define a framework that can fill the base - sketches. After spraying a layer of g..
  • How to make the oil painting texture?With Picture

    date:2016-04-20 1:02:18  |  views:1311

    How to make the oil painting texture? Texture of oil painting's oldest and most popular, it is mainly used for the canvas, but also applies to wood, etc. What painting textures made? And what are the characteristics? Below to see the painting characteristics of texture and making method is introduced. The characteristics of the oil painting texture and making method is introduced Oil p..
  • How to study the skill of impressionist style paintings?With Picture

    date:2016-04-18 23:21:10  |  views:1147

    How to study the skill of impressionist style paintings? Guide language: for more like art friends, everyone must have heard of impressionist!!!! Is a a 19th century European style of painting, his works so far still regarded by many professionals, can see how it works is good. So you know impressionism in painting is what skills? Don't know if it doesn't matter, today small make ..
  • How to know the difference of hand painted oil painting and printed painting?

    date:2016-04-17 23:48:34  |  views:1162

    The difference of the hand painted oil painting and printed painting Advantages of hand-painted oil painting One, the picture effect is good Hand-painted oil painting to show people the natural side Don't look deliberately natural Second, save time Hand-painted oil painting to save quite a long time and have a lot of famous paintings in the world, has a history of hundreds or eve..
  • How to choose paint materials to make one oil painting?With Picture

    date:2016-02-20 18:18:40  |  views:1099

      How to choose oil painting materials? It is important to know the unique properties of painting materials With transparent vegetable oil mixed pigments in produced base on the materials such as cloth, paper, board of shape artistic image of the painting. Its origin and development in Europe, to the modern become a important type in the world. Produced in the 15th century befo..
  • How to make one oil painting? the most simple and direct painting skillsWith Picture

    date:2016-02-20 18:00:08  |  views:1077

      How to make one oil painting? the most simple and direct painting skills   After the outline on the canvas to make object form, with the object color feeling or color, the picture color conception laying basic last finished drawing, the incorrect parts after painting knife to continue to color adjustment. This technique in every deal has dipped in paint more thick, h..
  • Impressionist paintings is same as Chinese traditional freehand brushwork paintings

    date:2015-04-30 0:37:41  |  views:1744

    Impressionist paintings is the Chinese freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese paintings Oil painting is close to a period of a new formulation of the spirit of freehand brushwork, sinicization of oil painting has put forward and discussed earlier, many artists are exploring how to solve this problem, it is very positive. Can the perspective-taking, foreigners to study Chinese painting feeli..





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