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  • oil painting cultural articles of civilization is a required element of the contact people

    date:2017-04-21 23:53:15  |  views:15

    Such as green weaving brigade was meddling in the will of zhejiang lishui ancient weir are crowded HuaXiang, it caught the theme of "lishui barbizon school" cutting clear - home, combined with local envelope hedge, creating a magical homesickness novelist town. Serve for ecological and cultural net capital, and created the painting thorns and paintings players when mutual confluence &q..
  • patterns are name north oil painting Beijing oil painting tiantan QiNianDian

    date:2017-04-18 0:30:05  |  views:29

    Subjective speaking, Chinese panda gold coin international market dispute currently still very early days, in the foreseeable future, with the collection of more and more investors into the panda gold coin FaMei gate time measured steps, Chinese panda gold coin will also because of a currency is hard to find and take makes the person more tongue-tied, no oil painting of transaction value. The ..
  • gloomy financial industry are compared for art oil painting financial concern

    date:2017-04-18 0:26:50  |  views:27

    More than 1, the art market basic thin, title Despite the gloomy financial industry are compared for art oil painting financial concern, but compared with the art of the explosive to the financial industry, they come more and more shows the trend of being marginalized. In 2014, China's radical financial system from financial oil painting art of the scale of financial ratio of the total sca..
  • liu preservation oil painting work reported by a number of many a little trite

    date:2017-04-17 0:19:24  |  views:31

    Just for liu preservation oil painting work reported by a number of many a little trite, but hutong Fan Jiayang (transliteration, Jiayang FAN) of his group's development is the specific site specific, from his childhood and family problems demanding, to assemblages of belongings to his collection, and today's daily oil painting activities on WeChat (he is much more quiet than when facing..
  • hand pulled noodles rothko many books such as oil painting at home

    date:2017-04-17 0:13:36  |  views:30

    He with a book at the end of the book in 2015, gather the 60 years before the creation of the hidden from back to the green coffees which are now the sound effects of short essays, extracorporeal circulation forms ranging from Piero Della Francesca to pollock and hand-pulled noodles rothko many books, such as oil painting at home. The portrait: John's home "in the eyes of smooth muscl..
  • paintings reveal inner oil painting enterprise worthies and cultural idea

    date:2017-03-29 23:02:31  |  views:51

    In 015, the Chinese super league cables holding bobbed CSL, always spend 104 million yuan to a natural person to buy the diet therapy 28 ZiShaHu. Share in 2016, huayi brothers ship door co., LTD., founder of criminal court of king long JianDie with 207 million yuan to buy one of the eight "every" tang and song dynasty 曾巩 "post bureau matter oil painting", suning book for 30..
  • hand chain of oil painting business zhang always in online auction platform by himself

    date:2017-03-18 1:52:56  |  views:55

    Operating collectables - autograph hand chain of oil painting business zhang always in online auction platform by himself, he hostage to reporter: "upload more items, the customer can be a bit more decision." At auction the interface of goods, detailed introduction of golden model in sequence from top to bottom is subsoil, product introduction, product pictures, picture below reveale..
  • How to clean dirt on the surface of oil painting?With Picture

    date:2017-02-11 22:59:02  |  views:179

    How to clean dirt on the surface of oil painting? Hand-painted oil painting is improperly stored for a long time, the oil painting pictures very prone to dust and stains, make images of the surface layer of light oil prone yellow dim, affect the picture. Clean oil painting of the general method: first with a soft brush or feather duster to clean again, reoccupy wet water wipe clean cott..
  • How to study the complex painting skills?With Picture

    date:2016-08-16 3:41:05  |  views:574

    How to study the complex painting skills? Classical transparent painting what is method (1) the rough sketch. Transparent painting mainly depends on fogged, monochrome bottom - sketch of success. At this stage, you can use any sketch medium - charcoal, such as colour chalk clearly define a framework that can fill the base - sketches. After spraying a layer of g..
  • How to make the oil painting texture?With Picture

    date:2016-04-20 1:02:18  |  views:1388

    How to make the oil painting texture? Texture of oil painting's oldest and most popular, it is mainly used for the canvas, but also applies to wood, etc. What painting textures made? And what are the characteristics? Below to see the painting characteristics of texture and making method is introduced. The characteristics of the oil painting texture and making method is introduced Oil p..







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