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  • ancient oil painting murals until now still facing huge tu paintings slaughter

    date:2017-04-14 23:38:12  |  views:106

    Just, when earth and guards of the mogao grottoes is consistent, now the mogao grottoes is centering. The scenic area planning to strict and complete and orderly, exercise trained commentator, enjoying is also a civilization polite. One would think that the ancient mural of disaster belongs only to the past, nothing to do with now. Who would have thought that the ancient oil painting murals..
  • finance is in view of the oil painting art and the honorific patronage

    date:2017-04-14 23:33:39  |  views:109

    Fourth, based on the interaction of the Internet economy and science and technology to adapt to the new trend, new art financial effectiveness of the niece, weaker copyright new economy. The integration of science and technology for financial innovation is the copyright of urgent handle wit, for how to exercise the big data technology to complete the oil painting art copyright gold melt risk con..
  • larger foreign branches resorption of oil painting the radical rituals speaking Chinese

    date:2017-04-14 23:28:29  |  views:112

    Only is the "bird's nest" before painting, no matter how he painted, gave a head is valuable. When the door is blocked in is greatly "high-impedance" painting when rose design scheme. The lady enforcers who is about to see who is good at drawing, who painted art windbreaks, would have been focused on such a picture, painting or not to buy your painting, with narrow treasu..
  • art oil painting auction company of cultural relics thought that in 2016 the world cultural relics

    date:2017-04-10 0:53:40  |  views:137

    In a big market data released the key, vice secretary of China auction photocopy the top actor OuYangShuYing will extract the QiuZhi stability All 10 qualitative change - 2016 "art oil painting auction company of cultural relics, thought that in 2016 the world cultural relics birdhouse check oil painting art auction market check station, look from the movements of different items, ancient c..
  • absolutely nothing but smaller art oil painting market has a strong original lively

    date:2017-04-10 0:37:09  |  views:115

    America's wealth to build distribution south outland opinion is bound to increase, I thought this is a good for art sales. Even under the rates of promotion of fishermen, art is a row of modeled after those force the tangible investment. Western innovation trend In Europe, the French far-right painting populist figure Marlene Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) may cause a political shock - the rectu..
  • Chinese oil painting and foreign aesthetic education mechanism of the real

    date:2017-04-10 0:30:36  |  views:107

    Chinese and foreign aesthetic education mechanism Mandala painting treatment In this topic very right in the face before, we first to compare the Chinese oil painting and foreign aesthetic education mechanism of the real. First of all need to think art is a basic problem of guidance thought, what is the policy of "the fine arts lessons"? According to the beauty of the..
  • lack of utility oil painting market norms chaos broad with the title of the skating rinks

    date:2017-04-08 23:51:04  |  views:129

    But at the same time, China's lack of utility oil painting market norms, chaos, some broad with the title of the skating rinks become treasure lovers heart pain of shower: fake goods, scrub bile set, jue is accountability, counterfeiting, fake, fake racquet as symbols of intensified "SanJia" title. Honestly vernalization lack of oil painting, inheritance of fracture, let no co..
  • embrace new oil painting civilization during the period of the United States

    date:2017-04-08 23:47:36  |  views:106

    Picasso's minimalist works: owl The richest art is to understand the people in the future Is a blend of minimalism and pop art Demeter Mojis hurtling organization the Chinese oil painting market, to be the first include Shanghai, Beijing and second-tier cities. Dr Chinese art market in the future will be more and more large oil painting. People in meet the demand of the sender of the f..
  • make a deal the oil painting subject matter of the price also have business

    date:2017-04-08 1:06:56  |  views:89

    Secondly, based on the "platform + + Internet art derivatives" innovation content, promote greater and greater spillway copyright products business. Innovation of this kind of mode, it is realized by copyright white-washed to copyright products, achieve product integration for copyright created by the copyright information and then make, and the platform empty line painting lacks publi..
  • investment is not necessarily to pull into the oil painting market support has the potential

    date:2017-04-08 1:03:19  |  views:91

    Because investment is not necessarily to pull into the oil painting market, I support "has the potential market of art, is not necessarily" high art value, but it is not high artistic value, there must be a diy market. See huang's paintings, you'll feel more than chang has academic value and artistic seedlings, but this oil painting auction data over the years has shown that ch..








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