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How to make the oil painting texture?
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How to make the oil painting texture?
Texture of oil painting's oldest and most popular, it is mainly used for the canvas, but also applies to wood, etc. What painting textures made? And what are the characteristics? Below to see the painting characteristics of texture and making method is introduced.
The characteristics of the oil painting texture and making method is introduced
Oil painting texture basically consists of two parts, rubber and oil layer. Traditional base for animal hide glue (mostly rabbit skin), bottom coating for oily coating (linseed oil, 15 g + turpentine 15 g + lead white 25 g).
Oil painting textures used method
Will hide glue water heating melt, painted on the canvas while adhesive solution warm, dry and then coated with white bottom of oil paint. The paint on the floor of the oil are as little as possible to ensure the subsequent solid color layer. Coating a layer of paint, canvas can use, but if you need a smooth surface, the canvas will be erased, so the bottom coating to apply two to three times. Do need to set months to use texture of canvas painting, and the longer the better, the ideal time for half a year.
Oil base belongs to the weak absorbent base, the surface is exquisite, strong elasticity, impact resistance, moisture proof. Weakness is the lack of permeability, no gum base, strong tinting, years will lose elasticity, color layer due to the embrittlement cracking, or even fall off. Another canvas texture easy to turn yellow.
Since synthetic rubber produce modern painters use white latex primer. Practice is: will add water dilute emulsion on the canvas with two to three times, after reoccupy emulsion with a small amount of water, add lithopone (you can also add color in oil), after mixing or scraping on the canvas. After being dry, use oil paints (usually use white, also can add little Xu Qunqing, earth is red, and so on are adjusted grey) thin brush on a layer of can.
The characteristics of the oil painting texture and making method is introduced
Claude in accordance with the professor had to teach classical painting techniques in our country, he USES the classical painting master system method, the specific practices are as follows:

The first step: rubber.
Use sand paper or pumice first tight canvas a little nap, and then coated with rabbit skin glue (glue and water ratio of 7 ~ 10, 100). The film break, then soak in cold water for 5 ~ 6 hours, make it swells and reuse water stew method make it melted. Or with a little cold water immersion, first it swells soften again into the hot water, stir until completely dissolved in adhesive solution when temperature (about 17 ℃ or so) can scrape on canvas, canvas when scraping gum to flat, pour the liquid glue, liquid with a large knife will glue to the canvas. In the whole piece of canvas to adhesive solution, while its not dry will thrum and subtotal removal or pressing.
The second step: TuGong impression.
In yellow lead oxide (lead oxide) boiled walnut oil grinding auburn toner (iron oxide red) to the appropriate thickness of thick, on a plastic canvas, painted paint with a scraper scrape up, with pumice polishing again after dry, smooth the surface evenly.
Step 3: apply grey.
If you need to make the custom oil portrait painting texture, With a walnut oil plus a linseed oil, grinding lead powder and carbon black toner. With a stiff brush to research into the pale grey of thin coating on the canvas. Black and white toner proportion randomly. Try to thin grey painted and canvas base is not easy to crack. Cannot besmear only once, lest the red bottom surface, also can't cover the linen fabric. A layer of grey color, can use first scraper scrape dry reoccupy after a hard bristle brush paint the second layer, and then use the badger will brush pen marks. Can put some soil red pigment and become a little red light gray.
Finish see such detailed canvas texture after the production process, all is to understand the painting texture of this material? That is about oil painting texture features all the content and making method is introduced.

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