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custom oil painting zhongfa birui civilization lawn and the Chinese world fine arts
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Shu-jen Chen
Shu-jen Chen in 1908, enrolled in Japan have door municipal art singing Hong. In 1912, the new painting act (a book of painting) was announced in the touch of the people. After completing the business, she returned to China to join the "zhen club", and she was a teacher of the teacher's school in the normal university of guangdong. She soon returned to the university of Tokyo to teach the guard of the private education university in Tokyo. He and the gao jian father, the high alley and the high lane are three jie for the lingnan school, the history is called "two gao yichen". Chen shu-man once talked about the title of "how to be diligent in the Chinese painting", he said: "I must first oil painting reproductions start with the sketching, and the students will be copied, as if they are not suitable for the painting. It is not only oil painting, but also a lot of work, and it is easy to interpret the nature and not to be held on to it."
(1884-1948), the word tree man, panyu in guangdong province. A good teacher is a good teacher. She studied in Japan and had a stroke in the college of fine arts and Tokyo.
If the art is to leave the oil painting of the suspension, Mr. Chen shu-man's victory is a model for the world. ...... Master paintings of the momentum of the ring fire, for the Spring Festival of the swing, directly to express the mind. Change it again, and create it. Since entering sichuan, the painting wind has become a good old man, this can be seen in less than the head of the cerebral haemorrhage. According to his words, he entered the three gorges, with more than 200 manuscripts. The oil painting of emei, out of the gate of the sword, the people who are associated with the eye curtain, are the creation of the male qi, born out of the fetal interest. The village cypress, the precipice to break the xiu, speeding up the water, the ship is light, natural has this style. The result is the result of the creation of the teacher. - xu beihong
Shu-jen Chen violet black made of "spring of lingnan painting color" red "waterfall" dinghu "" double clear" and so on, a book with the cold green grass Yin "only love" "zen dust collection" natural beauty praise set such as poetry anthology as well as the album: shu-jen Chen (4) and so on.
The reporter liang zhiqin of the collector
Shu-jen Chen in 1940, as the JiHuai Gao Jianfu rhyme one hundred oil painting "and" moral line art JianChenShu wind one hundred rhyme ", in the boastful beings equivalence, not for the principal at the same time, put forward enterprise and art should nourish each other, if "the two shall not concurrently, art also were".
In 1946, China and the United States civilization cuff arrows, custom oil painting zhongfa birui civilization lawn and the Chinese world fine arts association of the eight group of oil painting names in nanjing held the "Chen shu-man painting exhibition". In 1947, Chen shufu was found in guangzhou, and he was also a member of the "modern society" in guangzhou, which was also the father of gao jianjian, zhao shaoang, the museum month, Yang shanshen and li jiamin. On October 4, 1948, Chen shu-man died of ulcer and died in guangzhou.
In the 13 years of oil painting, Chen shu-man published the law of the cicada, and the following year, the book "the new drawing" was a single-story book (huang binhong, high feather). In 1916, the collection of "new paintings" by gao jian-fu, Chen shu-man and gao congshu in the aesthetic library. After 12 years, with he xiangning, jing heng's "friends of the cold painting". From 1931 to guilin, the painting of "lingnan in the spring" won the gold medal at the fair in Belgium. 1933 and xu beihong, Sun Fuxi drive to establish "details club", whether "banana" join "in modern Chinese painting exhibition" exhibition in Paris, and was chosen at the annual meeting of the Chinese art will be the first YiJie canvas for directors.

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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