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Custom oil painting there is a menu which is sold for 230000 yuan in the spring auction
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The "old sun" puru's menu fetched $520,000
Pujou just need to be a big man, so desperate to eat a lot of food, the friends zhang eye cold once laughed to persuade: "but the flaefer to be a little gentle?" "He said," life is expensive, but he is not good at it." This kind of love to eat the sex oil painting love, decades stubborn, the year before the materialization, puru once ran to Hong Kong twice, only because and since did not have the big hairy crab, in that crazy eat crab......
With zhang daqiqiqi "nan zhang peipu" of pu xin (pu rui) is the last oil painting reproductions generation of the widow puyi's British Lord, is also a witty foodie - "the oil painting quantity is amazing, eat the difference". In the spring of 1927, pujou hosted zhang daqian's younger brother zhang mu han in the spring huo building, to meet zhang daqian pingshui, so smell.
Zhang daqian's pursuit of food is like his drill in painting. He created a famous painting of the sea, and the large oil painting dishes also appeared in the famous paintings. Often with positive ratio, fish, vegetables and other raw materials, development of a patchwork, subtle devices into birds weak spots and other white spots. Zhang daqian also once told the mechanic: "a group assumes that even food is not appreciated, where can learn dynamic balance?"
Oil painting is worth talking about tomorrow in Beijing poly spring photograph, a puru menu took 520,000, conspicuous. This is what the industry calls "the third-line price line of second-line fame painting work" pujou, once again concussion the international phonetic standard collecting world.
Chang hospitality, in case of thunderbolt meaning good or special painting servant, he will personally to cook, cook the same flat concubines write a menu, one zhang xueliang, chang chun, chang three people together to eat, eat to a half, zhang xueliang was gone, he ran to the original kitchen jie the menu. Now, zhang's menu is also well received by the market. custom oil painting There is a menu which is sold for 230,000 yuan in the spring auction of kuang oil painting.
In Peiping, zhang daqian and yu shuyan, one of Peking Opera's most famous Peking Opera artists, used the food in the spring huahua building, one of the eight buildings in the capital city. One was that the food was delicious, and the other was that he had a good relationship with the cabinet. As early as 1934, zhang daqian experienced chunhua building in the palm of white yongji, each time the oil painting for a thousand guests not charge, still alone send zhang daqian a plate of shark fin. Chang: Bai Yongji greeting, see him as a friend, for Bai Yongji did a heavy wall Mosaic gold roar "west contract beings (a: rongbaozhai,), is being empty this painting is" shark fin for ". His oil painting is the result of "eating", and the friendship between the two has become more and more profound, which is to say that nowadays there are "no more than yushuyan, painting no more than zhang daqian, eat nothing but white yongji". The three masters used to make a photo of the taiye as a memorial, and then zhang daqian laughed. "that's what the three maps are," he said. "it's like the collage of our three groups of oil paintings." Unfortunately not found opened, only to find some Robins material: Yu Shuyan hand since the la premiere do sing, chang in two nianzipo scrawled paintings, Bai Yongji with a spatula to do the valiant ones, everyone imagine about themselves.
As the old wang sun, puru was a regular in the great wine houses of the capital city, and he spent 20 dishes on the books every time. It was said that pujou liked crab best, and he destroyed thirty or forty, and he ate crab shells, which was piled high, and even the sitting man could not see his face. Puru was killed by the cancer of ambition and was afraid of his overeating.
Oil painting.

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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