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How to clean dirt on the surface of oil painting?
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How to clean dirt on the surface of oil painting?

Hand-painted oil painting is improperly stored for a long time, the oil painting pictures very prone to dust and stains, make images of the surface layer of light oil prone yellow dim, affect the picture.
Clean oil painting of the general method: first with a soft brush or feather duster to clean again, reoccupy wet water wipe clean cotton cloth or sponge. If the picture is dirty, can be used in the water drip into the heart tableware detergent (also can be used to neuter soft soap), and then with water to wipe it again. Water was not damage new paintings have little impact, the picture to have a crack produces the damage effect. Rubber oil painting, in particular, rinse the net have to squeeze the water from the cotton cloth to wipe again after. Clean the masterpieces of our predecessors left in Europe, the commonly used turpentine, etc. The water solvent. Turpentine, although on the oil film without dissolving force, light oil can dissolve resin, all glazing works with resin light oil, clean with turpentine oil after need to polish.
Oil painting in the preservation process inevitably yellow dim, the result of this is due to the surface layer of light oil oxidation. Yet it is not a kind of not be oxidation of light oil, remove the old light oil on the back light is the only way to restore original works.
Tools/raw material
Turpentine oil. The old painting effect is weak, but the new chromatographic effect is strong, especially in hot water heating after use effect is better.
The refined gasoline and benzene, toluene, xylene). Dissolution of resin than turpentine.
Ethanol (anhydrous alcohol) and methanol (wood alcohol). Is the most powerful resin solvents.
Acetone and chloroform. Can quickly dissolve resin and reservoir.
Dip in with white cotton wool ball (medical stores) cleaning cleaning agent is circular type to wipe off the edge of the picture
Each part to wipe not too long, in order to avoid damage to the color layer.
After cotton dyed with yellow light oil to replace immediately.
The first time most of the old light oil can be washed, when cleaning the second time for stubborn part can join the strong solvents. Damage caused by squeezing a stain and fly shit stains can use knife to remove.

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