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How to paint one beautiful watercolor painting?
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How to paint one beautiful watercolor painting?

A painting, watercolor painting is mixed with water transparent pigment of a method of painting or watercolor, due to the transparent color, a color cover another layer can produce special effects, but the harmonic color cover too much or too much will make dirty color, water, dry quickly, so is not suitable for making large work, watercolor painting landscapes for the production of pure and fresh and lively small paintings. Color is easy to carry, also can use as a sketch of collecting material. Compare with other painting, watercolor painting more focus on performance techniques. The drawing usually points "dry painting" and "wet painting" two kinds.
1, wet dry drawing and painting
Painting is a kind of multilayer illustration. Use the method of layer coated on the impression of dry colouring, not bleeding effect, can be compared to leisurely and coloring, relatively easy to master, suitable for beginners to practice. Certainly, the shape and structure of Ming 晣 and rich color level drawing speciality is dry. But dry painting not only makes articles in "dry" word, still have to let a person feel full moisture, stain wet mark, avoid dry and dull. Dry painting can be layered coating, cover color, color, pen, etc.
Watercolor painting
(1) layer coating:
Namely do overlap, in color dry before painting, overlapping layers of color performance object. In the picture color layer is differ, in some places it again, in some places need to be twice three times or more, but should not be too much times, so as to avoid the colour grey dirty lose sense. Layer coated like colored overlap, work in advance is expected to give the impression of mixed effect, it can't be ignored.
(2) the cover color:
Actually is also a kind of dry overlapping method, cover color area is larger, such as images of a few color is not unified, have to cover color method, covered on the color make the unified again. A piece of the color too warm, cover a layer of cool color change the nature of the changes in temperature. The color should be at a distinct color cover by the thin coating, shop again, generally don't back to the pen, or take up the base will make color dirty. In the coloring process and the final adjustment, often use this method.
(3) pick color:
Dry pick color is the color in the adjacent dry from its color, after color piece not bleeding, between each color itself can also be wet paint, increase the change. This method is characterized by the performance of the object outline clear and bright colors.
(4) is:
Less common in water color, brushwork prone to malapropism; Water is full on the coarse grain paper quickly, also can produce malapropism. Performance effects such as flash or soft in see just often adopt the method of dry pen.
Wet painting can be divided into wet overlap and wet color two kinds.
The overlap of wet:
The paper soaked or brush wet part, not overlapping color when doing, coloring and shading did not work. Effect of moisture, the time to properly, the round and natural. Humid atmosphere for fog, water wang's appeal is its special features, for some pictures.
(2) the wet pick color:
Adjacent color when working, ooze water flow, boundary between fuzzy, transition soft color gradient is multi-purpose the method. Evenly as moisture dinner-table used to pick the color, otherwise, water multidirectional slipstream, less prone to unnecessary water damage.
Painting watercolor) combined with dry paint, wet, wet painting primarily local picture is dry, dry painting primarily images also have part of the wet paint, dry-wet combination performance fully, shading and embellish and enjoyable to read.
Watercolor painting
2, water control
The use of water and master is one of the main points of the watercolor technique. Water had bleeding in the picture, the characteristics of flow and evaporation, painting watercolor to familiar with "water". Give full play to the role of the water, it is the important factor of painting watercolor painting. Grasp the time should be paid attention to moisture, dry air humidity and degree of water absorption of paper.
(1) a matter of time:
For wet drawing time to master appropriate, folding color too early too wet easy lost form, color too late will be dry, water is not easy to bleeding, cohesion curt. In overlapping color commonly, common in water should be few, including color, easy to grasp the form, in order to can make the bleeding. If the overlap of color is light, it will be the base of color is a bit dry painting again.
(2) the dry humidity of the air:
Picture several watercolors can realize, in the indoor moisture done slowly, in outdoor wet fog had painted, moisture evaporates more slowly. In this case, the paint with water should be few; Under the condition of dry climate moisture evaporates quickly, must be more water, at the same time to speed up the color of paint.
(3) the degree of suction paper:
According to the water absorption speed of paper corresponding to master the amount of water, water slowly when the water is less, paper soft water faster, water should be increased. In addition, rendering demitint water should be more large area, such as color piece larger sky, ground and still life, background of the characters, water use full advisable; Description of the local water reduced and details.
3, "blank" approach
Compared with the techniques of oil painting, gouache, watercolor technique is the most outstanding characteristic is "blank" approach.
Watercolor painting photo gallery (17)
Some shallow bright color, white part, need to draw some deep color, "blank". Watercolor transparent characteristic determines the painting techniques, light color can't cover dark, not like gouache and paintings can cover, rely on light and bright white powder. Watch out for when enjoy the watercolor works, will find that almost every picture using the "blank" techniques.
Properly and accurately blank or wan shallow bright color, can enhance the vitality of images and expressive; Instead, improperly blank, easy cause little flowers disorderly phenomena. Before coloring the blank place marked lightly in pencil, key details, namely, and facial or small points, are clever set aside in the painting. In addition, contrasting colors adjacent to empty out the other side, coloring, respectively, to maintain their bright degree. Some beginners to shape unnecessary empty empty, then go along the contour tracing color, and shun the empty place along the contour empty was dead, too rigid, vivid sense of loss. Empty is both accurate and vivid, is the embodiment of the skill involved. In practice, practice, practice makes perfect. Watercolor is a form of art practice. Because watercolour is cheap, easy to use, and color sense is very ideal, so people are happy to use commonly. Second, watercolor painting itself has the very charm. It's clear god tuan, shade, have natural and unrestrained artistic style. Transparency of watercolor colors, heavy color techniques, dry wet technique is applied, make images appear, complete with a special charm of intoxicating, to the audience like feeling the breeze of the bright and clear.
As a form of art activities, watercolor painting is one of the art becoming emotional language. Water in the picture of bleeding, the nature of the flow, and the random variation of stroke, let a person feel that the flow of light. This kind of artistic conception is other type incomparable.
Watercolor painting
On the meaning of it, the so-called watercolor painting is as thinners to special blending with water can be diluted water paint. So we have to define the concept of watercolor painting to. From the definition of the characteristics of watercolor painting, watercolor painting and not only refers to the water and pigment that point, watercolor painting has its own rich connotations and a set of very different from other type of techniques. How much moisture control, the proportion of water and pigment, traces of moisture in the paper have become a rhyme or table element. In a word, water is the life and soul of watercolor painting, it plays a dominate the main purpose of the picture. From two years ago to the modern, to develop the concept of watercolor painting, connotation, content is richer, greatly widened the original meaning, think only water blending pigments draw on paper, picture color rhythm which is controlled by the water content to called the watercolor painting. Because modern watercolor water color not only, also water pink, acrylic color, the colour, transparent water, local oil colour, canvas holds, even paint, salt, sand... And so on, also there are several kinds of pigment mixed use. All in all, each stage of the development of watercolor painting is the whole picture of the generality of the rhythm, the relations, the color is by how much water content, picture is through the control of the water.
Watercolor painting is not the beginning has been recognized, in the early days of watercolor art, rich people don't think watercolor painting, lack of aesthetic value, nor as the economic value of art, is used to color or sketches, shorthand is a kind of accessory, low-level type. The superiority of painting occupies people's psychological, watercolor painting was only as partial door at the end of the skill of painting.
In the early stages of the development of watercolor art, there are a lot of watercolor artists have borrowed.

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