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zhengzhou oil painting numismatics, client would have been sentenced to long
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Wuhan one old man was arrested when mailed to the United States in zhengzhou oil painting numismatics, client would have been sentenced to long, but the criminal detection unit ended to cancel. The old man spent 810 days in jail. A few days ago, he offered the handling unit 34.5 million yuan's application for state compensation.
On February 7th afternoon Jiang Jichun came to zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau FaZhiKe, he submitted to the agency for 34.5 million yuan's application for state compensation, the staff was surprised.
Jiang Jichun this year 73 years old, is a retired worker in wuhan city, hubei province. Eight years ago, he was mailed to the United States in zhengzhou ancient COINS, seized by the customs anti-smuggling bureau of zhengzhou.
In those days, the case blockbuster, the media referred to as "the first ancient COINS smuggling case" in henan, China central television (CCTV) is also carried out for up to 16 minutes and 57 seconds special report. In the back of Jiang Jichun thoroughly traffickers in antiquities.
But Jiang Jichun after detained, arrested, public prosecution, only case back to the origin. Court to suspend the case, prosecutors and withdraw the prosecution, zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau eventually dropped their case. The process, Jiang Jichun detained 810 days in jail.
Democracy and legal system of agency reporter survey found that underlie Jiang Jichun case disruptive change, because the lawsuit probing the cultural relics appraisal agencies entrusted by the unit and the courts, respectively, made the opposite to the level of cultural relics appraisal result.
Administration officials in henan province wu day (a pseudonym) said: "from the program, said the two sides identified are no problem, but the basis which as a result, the flaws in the system, this kind of board and the insufficiency, in the short term is difficult to solve."
Mail to the United States old COINS were arrested
Jiang Jichun abroad mailing numismatics cause is for the sake of son. At that time, his son in the United States, in order to make it in a foreign country have a wider social, Jiang Jichun from domestic bought numismatics by mail in the past. Initially, Chiang was the son of ancient COINS away, then turned into sales, and demand more and more big.
Jiang Jichun said that most of these ancient COINS from wuhan a cultural relics market purchases, including knife-shaped coin of the warring states period, there are also practical years round coin, such as song dynasty "is a general cultural relics, is not worth, I often buy by weight."
"The coin of the northern song period, the first 1 to 20 yuan jin, later every jin up to 30 yuan, the highest was $50, and the knife-shaped coin price earlier is 20 yuan one, the most expensive for each 100 yuan." Jiang Jichun also said, "this ancient COINS, in the cultural relics around the market, are abundant."
Since 2004, in wuhan Jiang Jichun mailing ancient COINS, to the United States but he did not declare to the customs and cultural relics relics license issued by the appraisal department, so had been administrative penalties.
Later, he had to mail to xi 'an, zhengzhou and other places.
On September 27, 2008, Jiang Jichun, in the name of "ZhangDawei" respectively in zhengzhou city post office, post office, post office, the huaihe river university road, east road the railway offices, garden road post office to send us oil painting reproductions four international registered mail, in the letter, he carried the 23 intact knife-shaped coin and 8 round coin.
After sent, Jiang Jichun return to wuhan. He did not know, however, these letters are zhengzhou customs seized.
On November 6, 2008, zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau entrusted to identification of the items involved, cultural relic identification committee of henan province, the committee by the henan province administration of cultural heritage of cultural relics of the safety management, each category of cultural relics in the province's top experts in it.
On November 7, the committee members Xia Zhifeng, Wang Longzheng, psoriasis to involved in cultural relics "and present status of cultural relics [2008] no. 52" (hereinafter referred to as 52 number identification) appraisal, think 23 knife-shaped coin was minted zhao during the warring states period of money in circulation, 8 round coin, is the currency of the tang dynasty emperor against age ZongLi between casting, both "three levels of cultural relics.
These experts are the most traditional identification methods, they according to the features of different periods in the history of numismatics, based on the collection of cultural relics and grading standard "(ministry of culture in 2001, the 19th order), based on the identification of the items involved in the external morphological observation, analysis, judgement, determine except, authenticity, and the level of the items involved in the s.
While getting the result of identification, but I can't use their real names, because Jiang Jichun zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau for a long time can't lock Jiang Jichun.
On March 12, 2009, Jiang Jichun again, in the name of "JuanGao" on the road of zhengzhou university post office to mail to the United States was captured when the ancient COINS. On the same day, he has been in more than custom oil painting one post office to send 374 pieces of ancient COINS. On the same day, zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau within Chiang live in the hotel, also seized 1484 ancient coin he is ready to sent to the United States.
After identification, cultural relic identification committee of henan province of 374 pieces of ancient COINS are "general cultural relics", but the exit of cultural relics prohibited by the state, the other 1484 old coin, there are 12 are fakes, remaining 1472 ancient coin also is full of "general cultural relics", are prohibited.
On the same day, Jiang Jichun be detained by criminal of zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau, held in zhengzhou railway public security office after detention center.
On April 9, 2009, Jiang Jichun sin on suspicion of smuggling cultural relics, be approved via procuratorate of people of zhengzhou city, the next day by zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau for the arrests.
The appraisal result a change again
Jiang Jichun was arrested, on April 27, 2009, zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau will case is transferred for examination before prosecution, the people's procuratorate, zhengzhou city but prosecutors will be returned to the customs case, require supplementary investigation.
On June 9, China central television (CCTV) "today's statement", has carried on the report to the case, Jiang Jichun sitting in jail, for example image, meet with the audience. After 10 days, zhengzhou customs aspects of the case is transferred for examination before prosecution, this has not been returned.
Zhengzhou city people's procuratorate on July 13, 2009, according to the indictment Jiang Jichun smuggling national 31 banned the export of "three cultural relics", its behavior violated the criminal law, the criminal fact is clear, evidence really, fully its criminal responsibility shall be investigated for smuggling cultural relics crimes ".
In accordance with the judicial interpretation, smuggling 9 pieces of the above "three levels of cultural relics", will be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.
On July 20, the same year, the people's procuratorate to the zhengzhou city intermediate people's court of zhengzhou city (hereinafter referred to as zhengzhou then).
After more than two months, the case in zhengzhou then trial. , during the trial, because of its special cases not only attract numerous media reporters of central, provincial, prosecutors and the courts also sent a powerful lineup.
Court, Jiang Jichun of the ancient COINS of smuggling behavior does not deny, but he believes that these COINS are "general cultural relics", not "three levels of cultural relics," his attorney requires new appraisal involved cultural relic, for the reason: cultural relic identification committee of henan province does not have judicial authentication credentials.
Soon, zhengzhou then issued criminal adjudication, halted the trial. On January 25, 2010, the institute commissioned shaanxi culture art judicial authentication center, 23 knife-shaped coin and 8 round coin for identification.
Reporter learned that, shaanxi cultural art judicial authentication center made a cultural art judicial authentication qualification in 2005, at present, with the qualification of the institutions only seven of the country.
Shaanxi culture art judicial authentication center, according to the reports issued by 23 knife-shaped coin and eight round coin is real, but level as the "general cultural relics", the results with the identification of cultural relic identification committee of henan province, difference is very big. Zhengzhou then only entrust cultural relic identification committee of henan province, on 23 knife-shaped coin and 8 round coin review expert.
Soon, the same organization for the same items involved, but made the different appraisal result. Review expert, 23 knife-shaped coin, there are three into a "cultural relic", the remaining 20 is still "three levels of cultural relics," eight round square hole of the coin, has become a "cultural relic".
In addition, the "no. 52 appraisal" said 23 knife-shaped coin by casting of zhao during the warring states period, review expert has said that the knife-shaped coin is the warring states period of yan casting.
Twice for the identification of differences, the reporter arrives to interview one of appraiser Xia Zhifeng "52, appraisal", but not their subordinates refer to each other in the unit.
Jiang Jichun and refuses to review expert, says he mailing of ancient COINS are all "general cultural relics". On June 7, 2010, he again to zhengzhou then submit a new appraisal application.
Then entrust on May 19, 2011, zhengzhou, henan treasures in judicial appraisal of cultural relics of the painting and calligraphy art, on 23 knife-shaped coin and 8 round coin appraisal, the appraisal is also obtained the judicial authentication certificate, their opinion is the same as the appraisal result of shaanxi, think 31 old coin, is full of "general cultural relics".
At this point, with the level of cultural relics in multiple versions, the nature of the case is stuck, Jiang Jichun has been detained for more than two years. On May 30, 2011, Jiang Jichun to zhengzhou then obtain a guarantor pending trial. When he was 67 years old.
After Jiang Ji of spring and the daughter began to many times of hubei, henan and "please".
Democracy and legal system of social the reporter learns from the safety administration of cultural heritage cultural relics in henan province, a strong impact on the still-born children had Jiang Jichun case, even disturb the state administration of cultural heritage.
Reporter also noticed that, on May 6, 2014, the state administration of cultural heritage and cultural relic identification committee of appraisal have been carried out for the above items involved, the conclusion is that 23 knife-shaped coin and eight round coin, as a "cultural relic".
Reporters also learned that during the litigation, zhengzhou city people's procuratorate dropped the case. Until July 19, 2014, zhengzhou, then just give criminal adjudication, allow prosecutors to withdraw the prosecution. At this point, according to Jiang Jichun released has in the past three years.
On May 27, 2015, zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau issued notice of cancellation case, reason is: Jiang Jichun smuggling cultural relics case evidence of change, if the circumstances are obviously minor and harmless.
But Jiang Jichun mailed to the United States of ancient COINS indisputable facts. On May 6, 2015, the state administration of cultural heritage of cultural relics of inbound and outbound audit management office (henan) issue a certificate, that involved 31 old coin for exit of cultural relics is prohibited.
On December 12, 2015, zhengzhou customs administrative penalty to Jiang Jichun, think he smuggling, finally decided to confiscate the 1212 pieces of ancient COINS involved.
So far, has nearly been sentenced to long Jiang Jichun, ended in administrative punishment.
Nowadays, according to the "Jiang Jichun case" has been revoked, it's been more than a year. Now, zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau didn't comment on the case. Was a police officer said only that Jiang Jichun has applied for state compensation.
Is not isolated case
"Reporter survey found that" Jiang Jichun case is not isolated case. On June 23, 2010, also detained the customs anti-smuggling bureau of zhengzhou, henan province, a local li hai men (not his real name), reason is that he sent abroad in 16 "ancient COINS," charges is also suspected of smuggling cultural relics.
Lee says he mail "coin" is full of imitation crafts, and there is enough evidence to prove that the goods involved are not objects. The customs anti-smuggling bureau three times entrust in henan province and zhengzhou, cultural relic identification committee of the same items identified involved, but the three different results.
For the first time as a result, five pieces of "three levels of cultural relics," 9 "general cultural relics", 2 pieces of dubious need checking; Second into five pieces of "three levels of cultural relics," 6 "general cultural relics", five pieces of cultural relics; Results even for the third time, zhengzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau issued to lee in the expert opinion notice, according to the items involved in the 16 pieces, but only 15 pieces of expert opinion, among them, the "three levels of cultural relics" 1, "general cultural relics" 2, "the cultural relics" 12 pieces. Another thing is unaccounted for.

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