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famous oil painting artists to get into the same Disney theme park
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This era is full of clever imitation and sleek simplify, famous oil painting artists to get into the same Disney theme park. But you have to criticism, people will say, what is wrong to make the public more accessible to high art?
Representatives of van gogh painting and personal experience are well known, almost at the same time, he is also many arty people sought after object. I bet in your local art bookshop, there must be a volume "of the newly discovered van gogh in the period of arles reporting as" such as brochures, despite denials from the van gogh museum is already pictorial works in painting by van gogh himself.
Now, "fake van gogh" again with a new form, yes, I say is after the trailer, which was the first fully reproduce the animated feature of van gogh's life and works to van gogh's love.
This animated feature based on the oil painting frame. There are 62450 of them are creators commissioned 115 professional artists (or "imitation" more accurate? , moreover also includes 94 van gogh's original.
From the trailer, the film is both boring and full of misleading. In a few cartoon image, once told the "they" in van gogh's impression, of course these are false. For example, one of the "memory", one day, van gogh raises an obvious doesn't go with his girls, then, heard that van gogh committed suicide...
What girl? This is where to where? In the last time in van gogh's life, he had no association with any woman. Forged a love story, the film and make believe people that don't know the situation.
Trailer several narrators, and they are all in the van gogh appeared the characters in the famous painting. With the aid of animation technology, these characters are now able to move, and also can "evaluation" van gogh! If you really want to take custom oil painting a biography of the high quality of van gogh, isn't the best starting point from the real records began? Such as the study of van gogh's letters, understand his true feelings, it's certainly better than a forged a description of the evaluation meaningful.
In general, "to van gogh's love" is mainly a van gogh parody. This technique savvy and not smart, people will be satisfied with the smart way of rendering, and the real van gogh painting be tasted.
First, van gogh's greatness, not like the sort of simplified image "van gogh style", but a careful observation of natural, concentrate, constant progress, the soul in front of a blank canvas. Each painting, have witnessed his unique and ferment soul searching process.
And the film to cater to mediocre, mass culture entertainment imitation to display the art of van gogh struggle the exciting moments in the process, it is too waste!
Van gogh's paintings of the olive tree
Van gogh's paintings of the olive tree
The film is also a symbol of our times: everywhere is shrewd imitation and oil painting reproductions sleek simplified, famous artists to get into the same Disney theme park. But you have to criticism, people will say, what is wrong to make the public more accessible to high art? The rough animation somehow is van gogh's paintings vividly presented before our eyes.
So, we can't stop staring at the van gogh put? In fact van gogh has been so popular, the queues outside Amsterdam's van gogh museum, really can't longer. There are a lot of talent, waiting for us to find the artists, to better display their talent, promote their reputation. For example, making a cartoon about Rubens may be more meaningful.
Whether van gogh or Rubens, we need to see the myth behind real individuals, we pay more attention to their works. The meaning of "to van gogh's love, just with van gogh bitterness beg and shall not run counter to the understanding of life, it is in the perversion of van gogh's life is simple and common, it will only get the image of the great artist add a layer of confusion and obscurity.

 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.

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