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Chinese calligraphy and oil painting, porcelain, paintings, and nowadays the art three recruit
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In the autumn of 2016, the Chinese calligraphy and oil painting, porcelain, paintings, and nowadays the art three recruit a total turnover of 25.055 billion yuan, compared with last year autumn sales fell 4.4%. Ancient calligraphy and painting gain heat continuously, because of its scarcity and excellent and highly attention. Song Yuanjia structure leads the ancient calligraphy and painting market, weak performance is still weak.
In the autumn of 2016 the Chinese art market groups are of braille current events. After a few years ago the collaterals after mediation, collectors, market participants and shoot line vice President of the Chinese art market has a clear and rational understanding, remove market average subject showing the participants; Congenial funds have retreated, collectors for travel lots his value attention; Take efforts to carry out "quality" reducing strategy. Together in the sides of the gumption, 2016 Chinese art autumn sales market "pick up" the emergence of a stranger treasurer.
On February 15, 2017, the art oil painting reproductions market monitoring core (A m lies A) launched "Chinese art auction market survey reported 2016 autumn" formally promulgated. According to art market monitoring core (AMMA) incomplete statistics, as of December 31, 2016, 2016, Chinese art auction market fall a total turnover of 26.5 billion yuan of public money, compared to the old year autumn sales rebounded by 2.97%. In on quantity and volume are under the condition of level land, the elder painting to clinch a deal the forehead to rebound instead, dogmatism in autumn 2016 for Chinese art market's performance reflects the "recovery" torture.
The beijing-tianjin region as the height of the Chinese custom oil painting art auction market prosperous area, its each season performance may affect the whole market. Yangtze river delta region in recent years to the development of Chinese art auction, growth ChengChen is compelling, but it is worth noting that the Yangtze river delta around at the moment the flush out of plant fiber is high volume, low volume, the shape and the Beijing and tianjin area in the early communication. Art market monitoring of the pearl of j (A eyebrow in the United States A) think, Yangtze river delta around such as to the seller of the weak capital, under the lots better constitutive rates will coming, so the future of Chinese art market is bound to the Beijing and tianjin, the Yangtze river delta, Hong Kong and outgoing area "three points" of the country's sea.
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The three articles a total turnover of 25.055 billion yuan
Ren Renfa Five Kings drunk maps Dampened, RMB 303600000 Beijing poly 2016-12-4
All year after the highest yield, porcelain of mixed soft seat 44 sample data of 26 cases of investment success, investment success rate was 59.09%, the divide between the painting have hit the winning rate of 53.61% and 64.52% of painting and calligraphy between heaven and now the modern art brick. Chinese calligraphy and painting mother right in the highest income work is the flavor of the quail, in May 2010 with 112000 yuan price to buy, in December 2016, sold at the price of 2.6344 million yuan; Porcelain nap pig highest yields in the works is the "mirror" of the sea grape grain tang, in June 2010 with 44800 yuan price to buy from China, in November 2016 in Austin sold at the price of 3.461 million yuan.
Auction company works collected from expert goods to hidden collectors
The reported on February 15, 2017, to realize flight attendants in detail, please check!
In the autumn of 2016, the auction company have deeply carry out "quality" reducing standard, emphatically, for those who never to accumulate in the hands of the collectors of the astronauts, rather than the refuse easy hand goods, this process needs the auction house from time to time, increase the intensity of solicitation, longitudinal excavation depth collection. One hundred million yuan at the same time, 7 items born let the market parties determined localization are increased. New collectors headed by collectors collection and old groups vary in the market, which makes Chinese art auction market increased fresh lust and the lack of new money. Art market monitoring core (A beautiful MMA) thought that have sprung up in autumn 2016 painting market and the development of A bartender: one is healthy, benign also favour for short.
Geographical aspect, around Beijing and tianjin volume and turnover was flat in proportion
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"Recovery" has market hospitalization
Art market monitoring center (AMMA) after taken from the autumn of 2016 out of 241 to possess
Refuses to easily record sample data, analyzing to create the three mainstream in birds, porcelain impurity removal rule compressed flat faces
Benefits: porcelain complex they can mean years and high yield
International auction co., LTD., vice President and general manager of China of Chinese painting and calligraphy department general manager Amy revealed performance: taken in the autumn of 2016, a price ceiling is significant to break, everyone for a particular author, the understanding of the specific works broke through the established style, decisive and bid on the new filial piety in the light. Is domestic large entourage of the entire economic environment is still opaque, we still feel the art market compared to previous years more and more clear and must pick up a standard lights. Often fierce competition of cassette and sell-through rate is very high the matinee shows our early on the field of preparation and the results with expectations. To sell high military attache's office new genre increased at the same time, special, revealed the orderly market is active in promoting good signal. painting.

sufficient funds to support their cultural industries and the construction of cultural image."

 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.

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