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How to make one oil painting? the most simple and direct painting skills
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How to make one oil painting? the most simple and direct painting skills
After the outline on the canvas to make object form, with the object color feeling or color, the picture color conception laying basic last finished drawing, the incorrect parts after painting knife to continue to color adjustment. This technique in every deal has dipped in paint more thick, high color saturation, brush more clear, also easy to express vivid feeling when he painted.
After the middle of the 19th century many artists more using this technique. In order to make a chromatographic full effect after coloring, must pay attention to the use of handwriting or coating, commonly used coating can be divided into flat thick coating, powder coating and coating. Ping tu is a one-way strength, uniform the handwriting of painting into a large area of color, suitable for static is created in the smooth and stable composition of bodies; Powder coating is according to the natural transition trend brushwork painting form, stroke is loose, flexible; Thick coating is full picture or locally thick pile of pigments, some form of up to several millimeters color layer or color piece, make the paint show that the quality of a material interest, image is also strengthened.
As a kind of art language, painting, lines, including color, light and shade, brushwork, texture, light, space, composition and so on many factors, the effect of oil painting techniques to the modelling factors synthetically, or focus on individual, the performance of the oil painting material fully provided in the second plane base on the possibility of using oil painting techniques.
The making process of the oil painting is the artist skillfully consciously control the oil painting materials, selecting and using art thought can be expressed, forming techniques of creating process of artistic image.
Oil painting is to express the artist's ideological content, and shows the development of the unique oil painting oil painting language has experienced several classical, modern, modern times, in different periods of art in the age of oil painting by the thoughts and methods, present a different look.
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