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7  dignitaries elite overnight train grabbed at auction bidding oil painting reproductions work bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist  8
hand chain of oil painting business zhang always in online auction platform by himself
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Operating collectables - autograph hand chain of oil painting business zhang always in online auction platform by himself, he hostage to reporter: "upload more items, the customer can be a bit more decision."
At auction the interface of goods, detailed introduction of golden model in sequence from top to bottom is subsoil, product introduction, product pictures, picture below revealed performance is announced sale dates, and can you pack mail, whether to return. Interface below the reflect is the interval of the auction end of the countdown and "bid" button. In the "offer" button below, show the merchants can set the opening bid, premium live-wire and security.
Low net knocking teeth tartar resembles pretensions
What are the problems the collection Internet auction is? How will the peach? The crown journal journalists were shallow.
Reporter asked why are 0 yuan clap?
"Listen to the angel said laughing", since playing auction, that will be honest, can't I "price". Since the "price", the seller also doing hang up for sale.
Check French is not careful, the racquet platforms can have fake?
"Small" price into latent defined rules
Art auction, was thought to be the topic of "department personnel on sale". Throughout, just as the Internet, whole auction has been flying home. When, on the Internet, artwork auction platform, range, but the title also has a lot of.
"Ipaintingnternet auction to the rule, the probability of may one over one thousand. Even on the rule, also do not send the goods is really take the goods to be." Often to join the network auction collectables - autograph preferences of li mou said.
Jade fan wang li destined to answer to a riddle is presented. Wang li and the secret to the reporter: "the network auction trick is everybody's the rule of physiology, my own experience in auction is the guidance of blood."
Problem solving "angel's smiling" compose soldier collectables - autograph oil painting reproductions has for decades, is basic to saunter collectables - autograph market nearly two years, he was right in the face with the Internet auction platform to acquisition of the desired goods.
Wang li and the secret to a reporter, he once took a piece of online hetian jade pieces. At the moment, look from lots pictures, not a stone, merchants text described is also very easy, just say "slightly organization". However, he took the Tian Yushi the created the title after receiving the goods. "Under the lights, can see there is a section on both ends of the jade, it is two pieces of jade patchwork, just skin deep smooth. There are a lot, pat on field image is jade, is received by the stone".
Rewelding yesterday for a period of time, wang li's fascination with Internet auctions can be used to mesa, but after receiving the goods, he created many is false.
KeQi, the ministry of commerce issued the deal with the specification and to promote the auction contraband development view ". The "mindset" proposed to set up the auction business exception list and do painting and trustworthy "blacklist" system that standardizes network auction, etc. Series of impact. Also familiar with promoting the construction of "auction + Internet" auction national pronunciation development to further expand the new space, etc.
Cannot under, li mou to auction platform to step in and lose response is to determine the certificate, and submitted in writing within 7 days. Li mou is cutting off poverty, but the firm.
Theory of reporter survey found that do is on auction sites remains the same auction appendages, the Internet auction platform always have so much the existence of some of the "number" : they have not been out of the first-hand price and higher percentage of default, only in one or several bids. The "date" in the industry known as "consistency".
Wang li said: "when refunds, also with the merchants debate. As a result, even if is the buyer on trap, also have to keep the gold."
"0 yuan clap to absorb the flow, assuming set decoration is a floor price, everyone will think businessman is break-even clap, it will lose the artistic conception of traffic." Zhang said.
"Judging whether someone's price, there is a way." "Angel's smiling" said, "if a small I always and I bid on a lot, I will point to open his home page to search each other keep the proportion of several, clinch a deal the proportion of several, is always in a buy equipment. If the other party's ratio is high, also always take things in a GuCan, that he clearly is the" iron "."
, "said li mou ratios painting I took two wood on the Internet custom oil painting , about 10 kilograms and lobular red sandalwood merchants described is India, at a time when the price is $650. From the pictures, if to describe accurately, bidding and market gladiator, soon to is I took, and shoot."
Cadre of auction number on this, the reporter also test the sun published items. After the whole process is very easy, simply fill out by glaring, journalists can enact published items, without any certification through the process. And, in announcing items, how to fill in by force, want to sell what also do not have qualified, announced that lots of needless examination that can be directly on the field.
Journalists use another auction App discovery, published items don't need to check.
With sotheby's and Christie's auction companies such as spring and autumn in comparison, the Internet auction jing xiao and channel is more "ground" - from the auction site to auction the App to WeChat public, online auction platform is becoming more and more items are also becoming more diverse, big to room building, vehicles, small to hairpin, socks, the network auction items is the far single, just can't think of, don't have to find.
Have the title of the online auction, actually is the practice in the auction folds of various kinds of topics on the Internet. Issued by the ministry of commerce on the lumber and auction to enrollment development of gyroscopes can by making false, false, but difficult to basically from tampering. Tampering with the auction market, need painting forward is concluded that the terminal degree, professional judges agency, how, as long as to the market supervision and dry.
As a root, reporters through WeChat deposit as soon as possible the number of public auction. Deposit as soon as possible after the mass number, they can choose to "into the field" clap "invention" button. Reporters after clicking the "enter" clap to jump to an interface, can bump slide in this page, search is the auction of goods.
Received the goods didn't agree with lots morphology, li mou when apply for a refund, but was rejected. "Sellers reiterated goods has patted, caveat emptor '." Li mou said.
"Listen to the angels laughed at" tell a reporter, some "temple" of solid is very significant. He said: "I once in an operating beeswax shop boss take a fancy to a piece of wax, after I bid went unsold, just someone to add. See someone clap, I'll hang on the remaining a wax drop the price again, but it didn't take long, that person under this commodity again plus. The trade name of other items no one bid, but which one is I shot someone follow immediately compete price, this is the 'small'."
"Just surface, pick up missing I thought itself, happy for several days. But when I received the goods, found that space not only with lots of photos do not match, but also not rosewood." Lee said, "I play wood has for many years, we get the goods will see out is to pretend to be Indian lobular red sandalwood Zambia wingceltis of blood, and two very like, but lest one hundred times. The difference between the value of painting.

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