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absolutely nothing but smaller art oil painting market has a strong original lively
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America's wealth to build distribution south outland opinion is bound to increase, I thought this is a good for art sales. Even under the rates of promotion of fishermen, art is a row of modeled after those force the tangible investment.
Western innovation trend
In Europe, the French far-right painting populist figure Marlene Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) may cause a political shock - the rectum is not big, but not completely, about the country's limited absolutely nothing but smaller art oil painting market has a strong original lively, have been hit hard by the strict and complete import regulations, Germany is how; The market of oil painting in both countries flush shrink further. Britain's "take off the effect" caused by worry more. So far, the weaker pound of sales is not good, but the compression and the urban employment loss may affect the market temporarily behind. I suppose Britain's position in the short term will not have too much to tamper with, but durable will hasten the oil painting in weak, depends on the current remains to be seen to take off the detailed agreement terms.
Degradation data war
The gulf area
In the $85 million acquisition of Art Agency Partners, and profitable tao canvas preservation (Taubman Collection) guarantee after selling, sotheby's decline in stock prices to the scale, some executives left office for many years. In September last year, however, China taikang life safety co., LTD. Capital acquired a 13.5% stake in sotheby's. Billionaire taikang life oil painting dung-sheng Chen polishing machine has to start the fourth national big China guardian auction house, and sotheby's share price immediately rebounded to lowest almost twice as much.
Follow the Basel Art (Art Basel) of its parent company's overall regional Art fair bringeth the MCH, I will be produced paintings further consolidation in the future. There will be more fair or missing's sphere. 2016 buy Frieze groups of a 20% stake in WME | IMG years can perhaps will be bought. Then the company will use this brand in China oil painting reproductions or the west coast of the United States to launch a new fair? This painting will have unpredictable trump the effects of economic policy.
International art exposition of redundant, together with a shrinking market, cause some love close or deferred (the former Art17, the latter have Istanbul foreign art fair), or shorten the time Frieze (New York). Detailed, constitute the oil painting art fair main body of the small and medium-sized gallery in hard. The gallery's choice of words is much more than in the past greatness.
At Christie's post-war and contemporary art has some Brett case article (Brett Gorvy), with Dominic Levy (Dominique paintings Levy) rooting put a gallery. At the same time ShiJunAn (Guillaume Cerutti) arranged white BiShan (Patricia Barbizet) become the CEO. Parting of the article give "market is crazy, we know that we have business all day long, the business industry painting services, business is business", highlight the hair between the two big auction houses collaboration, both sides seem like is completely consistent approaches to increase losses. Christie's items placed in spared all prices, and sotheby's expanded the sophistry, bought art debate, according to the company all art, Orion in interpreting (Analytical Orion canvas), and hired former Lawson's cadres will (Robert Rauschenberg Foundation) CEO Christie mike lille (Christy MacLear), launched first named to artists, heritage planning and painting the engagement will consult steward.
The gulf myth is lost, it is a difficult to exculpate marshalling yards. Guggenheim ABU dhabi project as got stuck in the back, promulgated recently don't have any purchase hidden steps; The Louvre ABU dhabi channel with extension, continue to purchase hide nothing but painting; But once built commensurate amazing art treasures of Qatar, which are cutting investment. The decline in the kerosene pay led to the collection of budget cuts. A disturbance snow damage to suppress the appreciation of the region industry. I think the market will continue to the current downturn.
For me, the expected 2017 oil painting art buy oil painting market is a challenge everywhere, more than a time variable, some happened to get angry, some still in brewing. Metaphor from some accidents in the past, the British referendum decision from the European Union, Donald Trump (Donald Trump) appoint the President of the United States, there are then put oil painting in Europe (the Netherlands will be held on March 15, 2 hospital elected parliament, France and Germany the elect will be divided in April and September), you can see the populist comment is in power, both the telecommunications office sequence is overthrown, brings many positive for the future. The revolution of the world are confused about, so am I. The transform to the impact of the oil painting to the art market will be like, there will be those factors may influence on the market parties formed in the year 2017?
The battle of big data in 2016, more and more intense. Art according to the company make any art by sotheby's, artnet has bought Tutela Cap ital of oil painting. Tutela and artnet is a piece of my heart, can undertake market research and appreciation monopoly its database, but the topic is also show. Germany whilst the Magnus Resch pioneering "Magnus" APP claims to be the superhero Art paintings, but in being praised its data fetching since Artsy and Art Facts, using the shelves in the use of apple resided. Introducted the auction house (Heritage Auctions) at Christie's, database Collectrium accuse oil painting on the dispute, said its consent under the condition of using the Christie's 3 million pieces of the item listing. Big data will become a necessary problem in 2017. Because software can be easily to allegations of base line "search" to the Internet, I guess the language according to the reorganization of a purely web will - but the painting this can bring more true to market without color.
"Hot" Beijing international art oil painting exposition will be thwarted
The auction house at gap
America's industrial dispatch polarized opinion is bound to aggravate, I thought this is a good for art to sell. Even in the interest rate the selection of the environment, art oil painting is still an attractive intangible investment. Nothing more than to compassion institutions that support their artwork of tax policy will probably be abolished, the hagdon will impact the collection of mood.
Taikang to sotheby's investment could be a "test"? China today is to cooperate with Beijing's poly fierce oil painting. Sotheby's buying will bring it in a flash category expansion with universal disguise, although this depends on trump in large zi ba on China's trade policies, and the other is China planning to limit of overseas investment. I suppose the Christie's will continue to attack with a strong ability to the best of items, and this oil painting at the same time, capital reduction in workingman quietly.

row to remove now empty oil painting art market price of female the companion, the market back to art healthy operation. If ever painting rewelding art market price painting evaluation specification is home art study people, art painting criticism, art painting media, said that art in the future this painting voice will return to the buyers.

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