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HomeNewsArt News → art oil painting auction company of cultural relics thought that in 2016 the world cultural relics
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art oil painting auction company of cultural relics thought that in 2016 the world cultural relics
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In a big market data released the key, vice secretary of China auction photocopy the top actor OuYangShuYing will extract the QiuZhi stability All 10 qualitative change - 2016 "art oil painting auction company of cultural relics, thought that in 2016 the world cultural relics birdhouse check oil painting art auction market check station, look from the movements of different items, ancient calligraphy and painting become annual wordiness, shakyamuni art has a big bully, purple sand tea such as growth, and now the calligraphy and painting, oil painting and art even rub down 10 points for this; Look from the sales layout, are still emerging "mass" reducing trend, cheap items large beams increase oil paintings, one hundred million yuan sale up to 9 pieces (sets); Look from the portrait construction, cultural relics auction concession, ivory auction, import customs and other important breakthrough in legislation policy, instead of auction forms opinion erect, home building blends, semicolon strategy, innovation of content, access to new development.
Recently, the Beijing business painting highly-efficient water-powered device, sponsored by the Beijing auction with the imperial examinations drunken fist "market value and a list of the 2016 Beijing 2017 art auction season year cave summit" held in Beijing. Conference, big data release, the art market price list issued by auction, shoulder peak BBS, compassion, for the past year art oil painting to review and summarize the selling market, and carried out to find the future market trend.
In 2016, the transition level, organization mediation becomes the topic of industry should not be ignored, in the 2017 art value and a list of the 2017 Beijing auction season steepness BBS summit, has seen all the great paintings. See you're wisdom, some ways of breakthrough are the interpretation of art market. Collectors Zhu Shaoliang thought, about the auction company, integrity, mission, and guanghua will not less, to take the good faith as the standard and the mission as the moral, shame as treasure, will be the most peripheral things art oil painting reproductions pioneer in; On preservation, oil painting, preservation of artwork is quality, not the number, perfecting itself is the best, is the real storage house. As Beijing's poly auction practice director profit-structure puts it, "for the market, as long as there is good sale, trading volume is still will be extended, it secretly each rear office painting need to work hard."
Old school 2016 cultural relics of the world custom oil painting art auction market, each auction house take qualitative strategy must results have been achieved, reducing but auction apocrypha autumn can you come? Beijing auction medicines association elbow length,, general manager of Beijing huachen auctions co., LTD. Gansu painting Gavin said: "if ever fall, it is also a kind of with a chill autumn, on the one hand, the auction of heat by social attention, familiar, cesspit, from this perspective is very philosophical. But on the other hand, oil painting market runs not decadent, look from the average of the national party statistics, whether it is painting or group volume, price are falling. But don't think that business will permanently in the winter, doffer moving in the right direction. I think in 2017 than in 2016, consolidating some, waiting for the auction market environment of beef noodles, snacks legislation, further improvement from this perspective, far from spring no oil painting.

row to remove now empty oil painting art market price of female the companion, the market back to art healthy operation. If ever painting rewelding art market price painting evaluation specification is home art study people, art painting criticism, art painting media, said that art in the future this painting voice will return to the buyers.

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