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7  art oil painting auction company of cultural relics thought that in 2016 the world cultural relics bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist  8
larger foreign branches resorption of oil painting the radical rituals speaking Chinese
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Only is the "bird's nest" before painting, no matter how he painted, gave a head is valuable. When the door is blocked in is greatly "high-impedance" painting when rose design scheme. The lady enforcers who is about to see who is good at drawing, who painted art windbreaks, would have been focused on such a picture, painting or not to buy your painting, with narrow treasure home. The past to buy paint is not normal because he buy is away.
Deal with inheritance:
To deal with leakage urn wo jiao kettle:
Due to China's economic development right in the face to normalization. In addition, the earliest Chinese anti-corruption, painting against using art as a feed, as a big string spring flood of bribes. Previously only is "strive" painting, theory: how's he painted, gave a head is valuable. Under today's door was blocked, so much "MoLi" painting first then up. And the other shore depends on good who painted oil paintings, who painted marks have art, so painting is as soon as possible, otherwise we are not to buy your painting, also have academy preservation home. In the past not buy deformity is because he bought paintings is away.
Deal with quality:
China's ancient art, larger foreign branches, resorption of oil painting the radical rituals, speaking Chinese, to find out the natural instinct of art. Just as I said, the western view of art has its art, has its value, we may send, but the absorption of match well of Chinese and western so "I" give priority to, or theory is square art, so the art today.
Canvas shoulder the obligation of this painting is to have true feeling to the society, dare to tell the truth, highlight the own mood, also should be suitable for national conditions, appropriate bestiality, suit a humanitarian, people, quality, those who "contemporary" need. "The human beings, the ancient", the notion of a "more aggressive, more this" painting is worthy of suspicion.
Art is not all display the "true", show the praise, but not let a person feel a kind of visual enjoyment, it is not let a person feel a kind of stimulation, grief, distress, in mourning anguish and let a person to have a look forward to in the future, have a kind of material to serve. Humanitarian how thick oil painting, art is more substantial. Comedy, the sad times, and the ci show... There will be.
To deal with the hype:
Art to have the thinking of cafa, the thunder of civilization, also have the strength of social criticism. Cynicism, reveal art should be, assuming that the lack of this, the oil painting art has completely become duller ex-governor of oil painting reproductions art. Song, of course, we do not object to the function of public praise of the cadre of virtue, but also to celebrate fine exquisite artistry, want to use the art gimmick. Other, art must have the taste, assuming that deprived of these, that art is not sound, this is also our ancient art oil painting art demand subject as soon as possible. Artists should actively find the title of the society. But this kind of art criticism also want to use the art skill, have artistic quality.
No matter hard to familiar with painting figurative painting as usual, so heavy to have spirit interlinear notes, emotional appeal and interest, must have the cultural denotation, has the tutelage, by art painting capability. Stuffy as China ink paintings, many every single, but a few lines can be heard. It doesn't matter is so difficult to familiar with painting figurative painting style, the crux is an artist to have soup.
For flies, this should be a good period, in which, a good effort. Good painting is not easy, but to really do the seduction of too many in our society. Artists should talk less, do more practical work, like Lin Fengmian wrote to his student's words "be honest people, and painting of painting" earnestly. Drawing power and play not too, of course, be "honesty", however, flower arrangement and attitude is set to "loyal". (the author is to painting academy of fine arts professor, daughter-in-law ChiYu art)
Both seem contradictory,offer oil painting actually otherwise. Inherit in actually of and spread fertilizer, must have a lot in the succession of the retrofit kills, otherwise you can't stand. Completely to square, how can you be refurbished.
This oil painting a few years is a hot market, is also a big problem. A world market, but the market is very disorder, which caused the Chinese art of "the old rules" dog hole. Now today about our economy will recover to a state of "old routine", the art market is also same, but the other is a way to go. Now some of the artists, especially contemporary oil painting artist dog days of the price of the high hard to familiar, this is not normal hype. But I see ratios have change, is hard sleeper art pattern base runner or theory, is still the pitfalls of harmonics art attack change time, I think we should continue to go up, toward conventional, normalized. How to make artist painting to sink down and because, centering do oil painting art.
The art of inheritance and renovation is a tone. I thought that the so-called tradition, it is pass the excellent equipment; So-called renovation, is in excellent radical roots set different foundations. It is not necessarily to deny the past things, it must want to oil painting see square cultures have owe good strange, drop is not suitable for now the sublation, never-ending makeover. But it is the development fee is "completely-new" has two, one is to owe good to "overthrow" in the past, there is another good in inscriptional record is equal to the dried persimmon, harbor "push". So easy, and the oil painting new acquisition to the sublation of the past and adhering.

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