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HomeNewsArt News → ancient oil painting murals until now still facing huge tu paintings slaughter
7  finance is in view of the oil painting art and the honorific patronage bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist  8
ancient oil painting murals until now still facing huge tu paintings slaughter
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Just, when earth and guards of the mogao grottoes is consistent, now the mogao grottoes is centering. The scenic area planning to strict and complete and orderly, exercise trained commentator, enjoying is also a civilization polite. One would think that the ancient mural of disaster belongs only to the past, nothing to do with now. Who would have thought that the ancient oil painting murals until now still facing huge tu paintings slaughter.
The price of cultural relics as high-rise new commodity beam that can be quantified. In some people's eyes, and thus a lie than the true cultural relics left by fake antiques, tourism economy. However, unlike the building demolition can be rebuilt, once a cultural relic is flabby, is eternity, do not let the myopic eye ruin good painting real civilization.
Ancient temples that produce mural DaoGe case have a together, that is around the level is not high, so that "no identity" at all. Some stolen paintings on the walls of ancient villages, and even no one report. Even at the county level cultural relic value unit, some also stolen several times. Lack of money is short of shandong people are frequent burglaries.
20 paintings of 16 years on October 3, good shanxi pingyao county, west village within 10 day dragon temple mural him overnight. Pingyao police to track the case for the tapping machine-cultivated half a year, murals seized more than 400, involving up to 7 county of Shanxi Province 22 villages and towns of ancient temples. Then reveal the outgoing caring about the pain of the cultural relics.
Last year when oil painting to appreciate the mogao grottoes of dunhuang, oil painting reproductions listen to the narrator introduction at the beginning of western prevue intended to steal murals, the author feels dreary exercise and regret with your partners. Murals, just as its name implies is only confirmed with the original love is incomplete, natural, premium bean profile control is cruel.
Dunhuang relics outflow is an article in the contemporary history of China oil painting comedy. When it comes to the tragedy of notice, people always mention the inexhaustible international situation at that time in the war of the late qing dynasty, was gone with supply to seize the opportunity.
Perhaps is really no money in the village, but from the overall thinking, lack of cultural relics "no money" is not concerned about the root source of related parties. "No money" really the reason is that oil painting relics in good care of those who manage government affairs in the heart without weight. From the rail system point of view, is the compulsory subject of cultural relics to love is oil painting studio not familiar with, mission search is not strict, not pure.
In most cases, on the one hand, "no money" has become a small piece of cultural relics are difficult to lose really care about adjectives, on the other hand, the ancient mural paintings such as cultural relics looted and destroyed, outlaw obtain huge profits. The emergence of the value of cultural relics should eventually lose? Revealed, both in despise distorted flooded out as usual after illegal skills in "cash", is its own value, just cherish good, good exercise these valuable cultural heritage, can truly make canvas maximum benefits of civilization, to this, oil painting not grams less calculate tip, more into a real means less than.
According to estimation, the Shanxi Province temple ones remains number at least 23000 square meters, accounting for more than 70% of the world heritage. But a lot of ancient temples are languish appearance, no one management, declining.
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