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liu preservation oil painting work reported by a number of many a little trite
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Just for liu preservation oil painting work reported by a number of many a little trite, but hutong Fan Jiayang (transliteration, Jiayang FAN) of his group's development is the specific site specific, from his childhood and family problems demanding, to assemblages of belongings to his collection, and today's daily oil painting activities on WeChat (he is much more quiet than when facing journalists). The article also mentioned some of the quirks liu, such as smoke from time to time, wearing a casual, has no intention of even insisted on anonymity in their opening.
Liu began since 1993, preservation, but really made him famous oil painting is in 2009, he was for $11.1 million, the value of (public money 70.75 million yuan) to buy a pair of red sandalwood carved dragon in qing dynasty.
Fan Jiayang green hand in this paper, we also mentioned China's art ecology, such as Chinese collectors preservation eyes, Chinese pure flower machine hall of financial aid as well as Chinese art painting display form while supplies the background information and the title of the problem.
Art scene in every one of his knowledge, and perhaps especially familiar with our artnet dynamic readers, liu had more effect on prices are high and very eyes absorption auction sale: in April 2014, liu on the sotheby's Hong Kong auction of oil painting for $36.3 million (it will take to buy the price for the 280 million ceremony, about 230 million yuan, director of currency) snapped at the expense of the modalities of magnetic device in years "chicken cylinder cup"; In November 2015, he bought at an auction at Christie's New York auction of art in the history of the second low, will Modigliani oils (Amedeo Modigliani) $170 million (about 1.048 billion people currency) of the side bare bhiksuni (Nu couche) into a bag; In March 2015, he was up to $2015 (about the money 89.23 million RMB) of oil price, the sows in the sotheby's auction in New York has more than 600 years, buddhist art and foul pages of far more than the estimated price for $150000, became the clinch a deal the most expensive of calligraphy and painting works outside China; In addition, in November 2015, he at Christie's auction in Hong Kong for $45 million oil painting (about public money 280 million yuan) embroidered silk Tibetan thangkas (15th century). The above content artnet has overturned before audio domain.
Liu was spent $700 million for the side bare YiYe, synaptic understanding to modigliani's life story. "Is not only his art, his paintings of the ego deeds is also need. Every work has its own story. If he is not in the age of 36 jumping homicide, his work also won't hold thousands of millions." Finally, we all know modigliani died at the age of 35, and the cause of death was pulmonary tuberculosis. In Paris, seize the window he was modigliani's grief painting estate janet Mr Butel nerd (Jeanne Hebuterne), a time of life is the day after his death.
Liu, wang wei and separation in the construction of Shanghai pudong and puxi two dragon oil painting reproductions gallery, slightly before the fleas ticks in chongqing also founded by mouth. The New Yorker roar sound outstanding story mineralization degree of oil painting:
Liu told the New Yorker writer Fan Jiayang: "if it is westerners bought the poor from the Orient, people will feel very waves. However, they are now bought by an Asian people, besides itself, is not this day is a Chinese. It's not just is the reason you to interview me?" He oil painting asked her, "eyes overflowing with sinister and crafty."
Liu on this year's art Basel gains for up to 36 feet (11 meters), Gerhard Richter (Gerhard Richter) giant pictures. Images: Liu Yiqian WeChat via oil paintings
For $2015 in 2015, to congratulate the costs of (public money 31.23 million yuan) to buy a 12 th-century bronze in Tibet, he was "only the underwear, mimic the yogi the lotus posture, a photo taken with the sculpture, pictures and will be published on the communication media. Oil painting"
Liu against art paintings and reserves against tradition provoked get more art man's discontent is not in a circle. Before the auctioneer Jia Wei blink, liu jia decoupling roots Jia Ren sequence is done for hand painted oil painting art enrich the enron, because they feel "not necessary". Their art gallery, and no oil painting book, such as public relations because liu still love themselves.
Liu on this year's art Basel gains for up to 36 feet (11 meters), Gerhard Richter (Gerhard Richter) giant pictures. Images: Liu Yiqian via WeChat
KeQi, the New Yorker magazine to brother "sink" liu (so-called money equal to a "random") conducted a lengthy introduction. The flamboyant art collector and lady enforcers pavilion inventor, at the same time of harvest praise, also the painting often that storm oil painting fangyuan people and art.
Liu use value $36.3 million (when the auction price is 280 million Hong Kong dollars, RMB 230 million) of meiyintang in chicken color bucket cylinder cups of tea. Photo: courtesy Sotheby's 's
Liu application worth $36.3 million (the original auction value of 280 million convener, or housewife money 230 million RMB) of meiyintang in chicken color bucket cylinder cups of tea. Photo: courtesy Sotheby's 's oil painting
Fan Jiayang also gallery of Shanghai master Xu Yu (Leo Xu) interviewed, he and the author explore the pigsty Chinese galleries and collectors in China, for example, Francis Bacon (Francis Bacon) is not successful in China. "The Chinese are unable to get resonance oil painting in his work. More dharma name in Chinese collectors can cause their consensus works, they want to have more or less to find their own livelihoods or on block diagram." The author Xu Yu said the declaration. They watch more radical Chinese reed and vigour in today's Vincent van Gogh oil painting art world star artist Antony Gormley, for example (Antony Gormley) of oil painting, Damien Hirst, Damien Hirst and Olafur elea pine (Olafur Eliasson), etc. Big plume is most needed. Xu Yu show: "strange is purchased, collectors prefer to invest in those who do paintings of blue-chip artists.

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