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7  oil painting reproductions market value of each up to hundreds of thousands of yuan cause bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist  8
custom oil painting was a bit of a problem in the art category
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Art is different from symbolic goods, which are extremely characteristic, and it is not easy to sell them. At one point, people were eager to see the rise of an Internet platform, in which the power of the "pan integration" was the result. But, most of existing art electricity just wearing a coat layer of the Internet, a few general together dozens of oil painting gallery, draw on, hundreds of artists on the so-called than the above piece of art, is issued by electricity into art condoms, really don't have roots on rotation in run in content.
"Means less than you when taobao shop to do more art oil painting reproductions or physical death, if don't trigger canvas consensus, each other will only be swept away." Liu Li thought, if art electricity business not stand to consumer point of view, to promote work result thanks to where, but as the "love to buy it" on face, fads are works of art and the lack of friendly Chinese consumers are not able to pay.
Create art IP, accumulate fan group oil painting
True, there have been successful art IP laws. Such as shu-yong liu, a professor in the school of the central university of finance and economics and the media to net "old tree painting", cartoonist Gu Meng jieren RenFu online "gu ye", have more than millions of fans. "Even if one in 1,000 fans translates into a consumption painting of his work, it's a huge amount." In Mr Ma's view, using the Internet to build "ground" from the Internet is a way of doing business.
Art dealers have been a hot topic for years, with costs crowding into "fighting for art". However, after years of life, there are few oil paintings. Since 2011, the foreign art market was once a tear fall kuang calendar long downturn, coupled with anti-corruption tumbled CunZhai market, has modeled after failed to recover. It is also the beginning of a physical dimension of art and electricity that has been powered by the Internet to tap into new sources of wealth. In the past three years, art dealers have seen a wave of watchmaking. At least once, according to the agency, there were at least 2,000 people, and art dealers became "a pig in a tuyere," and no one wanted to get in. But now the clean and undercarriage has changed, and the number has dropped to less than a thousand.
By ya chang artist of painting service delivery the report, released two months ago the Hiscox2016 online art of business also enumerated the victory instance, sotheby's online auction for victory, because it for Internet users for a batch of franchise operation of "Star Wars" tribute, not only sold out of this series, oil painting and nearly ninety percent for the first time to buy jan from sotheby's shopping. "Sotheby's won the user experience," liu said.
There's a gap in user experience
King Tao initiative, in the difficult operation of creation and preservation of two whole chronology shows, only firmly grasp the oil painting in the middle of the dredging process, just as well in the form of artistic invention IP to make new positions. However, the idea of IP reclamation is still relatively unknown. Liu admitted that the IP, which was popular in the film industry,custom oil painting was a bit of a problem in the art category. "Is the painting of film and television eye to follow the crowd, ceng hot spots, and theory of art circle do is create eyelashes collectors as usual, more concerned about precipitation, and the resulting small circle." For example, he said, now live better art electricity have one thing in common, that is abstruse and full fine classification, such as post card electric company, as well as collectables - autograph, violet arenaceous kind of electricity.
Art dealers are less likely to get sick from their internal temples. King art electricity discussion cornmeal Tao thought, even by electric business platform the art of tending to buyers, they are not intended to stay below, but go offline joint top works. Liu Li seems oil paintings in the art market analysts, so trouble to blame, on the one hand, online works widely grade is low, is likened to another type of electricity, "platform widely done too not fine fine."
There are two thousand e-commerce companies, and there are few winners
Compared to suning and taobao, gome is the same as the ancient one. At the beginning of its founding stone of the African union (au) for advocacy, has signed hundreds of famous artists, and with many well-known art institutions, colleges and universities, in order to ensure that all works are all original. If you click inside, it is not hard to see that there are few sales of books and paintings for sale.
Practice is more cruel than painting. A few days ago, the art news Basel and ubs, young group of art market report published authoritative data, last year the whole bourgeois art and antiques online business operations closer to $5 billion, the total accounted for only 9% of the total turnover. Abroad more dismal scene, even from birth in 2000, the Internet companies to local first oil painting art "Gardner online", through nearly 20 years of art electric business failed to reverse its when losing face foil.
Four years ago, activist e-commerce companies, such as taobao, suning and gome, were listed in the art online business as an international art and e-commerce company. Painting until the next day, suning has shut down second successive art of business, the main works of art of taobao auction is renamed "idle fish", as a multiple operations. According to a report released by comparison, the market share of art online accounts for less than a tenth of total market business. In the case of e-commerce, why is it that the art industry, which has been so rampant since then, is in the process of changing its course?
The concept of market
Was less than
It is impossible not to say that the art business is easily bound by a small circle of paintings because of the long history of false dissection and evaluation of value. Electricity in Ma Wei view, art must be outside has offline and old customers, new customers to digg, "otherwise, the electricity, can don't need to bother to establish art WeChat all staged many circle of friends."
Indeed, in the early days of the rise, there was a zen in the circle: "the art of the art is not known by the art of the art, and the understanding of the business is not art." A "do not understand", like the person who is the person to touch elephant, have dredged the understanding of sandalwood to grow. And those who don't take it for granted, end up with a gray face and a man-made one. There is a hint that there will be a closed-door fashion for the flood of art dealers once there is an oil painting in the culture of a good corporate culture.
The claim
Nor is it bad news for art ecommerce. As cultural consumption moves into the fast lane, there are new opportunities for art dealers, too, but whether they will be able to make a difference. Comprehensive people oil painting art market Ma Wei express, in the seemingly enjoy convenient "Internet +" period, art fans still can't easier to search it to their own expectation of "beauty", the artist's sound but also spread from entity gallery opening ceremony. "How to reduce the distance between the two, the two veins of the new generation of art, the demand of a new generation of art dealers."
Zhong tao, founder of the nameless e-commerce platform tai chi, believes that artists should be more focused on the user experience, and that important and offline physical activity is being delivered to each other. In order to strengthen the user's viscosity, the government of his town might as well have been able to find the art craftsmen in the future, which will be a mistake after the publication of the content of the media, and then the oil painting will be sold to the help.Therefore, no matter which shoe factory set out, "overcloud building" the oil painting is a capital "good".its painting value? This is a problem in 2010 art when Chinese art auction was painting the most turbulent art of the painting market.

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