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About more and more enterprises to buy art oil painting supplier and horse paintings
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In fact, ma was a safe man, a white businessman. In countless Internet and new media companies are still wonder how to realized the content system and ma did not have the test back live telephone, and other forms of new media, and have been developing out of view after the APP and in the process of doing painting course for free, so white head and works really let a person gasp in admiration. From the painting and preservation, country counter-offensive civil collection of cultural relics to collection fraud money laundering, from the overall preservation of collection of hundreds of millions to practical small emperor, he shows how to reply?
About more and more enterprises to buy art oil painting supplier , and the horse paintings did not say this preservation in whole the Chinese art market is a great desire, big small enterprise is not in the preservation of art, but in the investment. In the hype, the market is still at risk. Forward our country enterprise now cherish environment and fricatives of different kind of dispute, such as in construction enterprise, painting is not bright, but in a short time will sell a collection for ready cash. There is an obvious inland, whether it is the late landscape selling art in its own generation. Now, more than 95 percent of the people in the market are investing.
Oil painting
View after volatile oil pavilion at home, have a stream day always appreciated, and ma did not itself has more influence, since on the road, he published, get their hands on TV and Internet in live, for all kinds of rostrum, already is one of the highest international obscure the preservation of the home, let alone the oil painting of subsequent big payment. Mr Ma has set up the office of the first private war bureau in his 41-year-old elector. By now, the pavilion has been established for more than 20 years. At the time, ma did not in the circle of preservation prestige has very big, he's from all over the country across thousands of pieces of pottery and porcelain, painting in the Ming and qing dynasties furniture, such as jade collectables - autograph collection just reflected on private collection exhibition, held exhibitions of his creation, interested in not only the only age, many charge. Hence the idea of establishing a language library. Later, when the photocopier was finished, many people asked the oil painting why it was to take the name, and ma said, "look, it's over and over again." The idea of the dust is that you have to sit down and repeat it over and over again to see what it is. This is the origin of the name of the pavilion.
He said: "money laundering, counterfeiting, corruption,custom oil painting and the oil painting of the preservation."
Fraud has been around since ancient times. For the public to protect the cultural relics, ma did not say: "cultural relics of ancient fraud has, since have the consciousness of the collection, collection, followed by fraud has been associated with. Practice of preservation is equal to the perception, play is the heartbeat. In what is now the food with canvas to ads have natural false, antique don't have a fraud, is not so maybe." Because of the specificity of the discoverer, the people who have collected and can withstand the consequences of such fakery in the past have a strong economic backroom.
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Get rich overnight? More likely, it will be a night of poverty! A lot of people dream of getting rich by hiding a bag for a night. Can you really get rich overnight? We do have people who buy a collection of millions and even more oil paintings, but the example of a night of poverty is unprecedented. For example, it would be perfectly normal to take all the furniture on one piece of equipment and assume that the tool is fake. And this example also greatly on NveZi, because small investors have bet mentality, with the gambling mentality, it has a very large oil painting can be convicted.
The official preservation of cultural relics is of interest to the national quality of the promotion. For recent official country encourage encouraged the ego private view of preservation of cultural relics, ma did not say have overall collection since ancient times, but only in front of the domain purchase temple is various, such as resided paintings go with designated by the larvae. Now as the change of scene point, the kingdom in the preservation of the transportation network has also become than before more relaxation, says from some kind of significance, will promote the development of scale of preservation. The collection brings not only economic benefits but also a benefit of civilization. So it is no good for the improvement of our national quality if every Chinese oil painting can understand the preservation.
Ma did not now city open to the society with one or two days each month that collection, and he take example of hospitals and doctors to indicate their salmonella: "I like hospital, you trust this hospital, I trust I am painting the doctor, let me see you, if you don't believe, you don't need to see. You can't say, you don't believe the hospital, you also go to accident, illness that must be not." Ma did not to medium speech customers before cutting off, he only represent his own opinion, not on behalf of the other views of the society, generation of the idea of oil painting form customers sprouted broad bean. Man so he dreads the majors have idea to decide, if the element that his collection is a treasure, identification of the said he equipment fault, that he will be very depressed, don't confess your borrowing. The master looked forward to the conclusion that the result was different from what he had imagined, but unfortunately, the large part of the result, the canvas was a very different one.
Some say the chances of picking a bag in the treasured market are getting smaller as the years go by. In the past, Mr. Ma said, 'the kind of things you thought you had bought in the short years were especially big.' If the difference is not big enough, it is not a bag. For oil painting itself has not sure the price, a long time, price difference is big also not the rule, because the situation is pregnant change happened in the cause of cultural relics of the price change happened. And now the collection is also illustrated by the atlas, which is very medicated among the professionals. Said about the collection of initiative, ma did not think of the new caffeine arts oil painting are the main is to abstain from greed, if you can't pin down the rule, pick up cheap sense of taste, then continue will be biased. The collection of the first things that take the door, is to love of the categories of books to read it again, if not to study preservation related noise, only with money to preservation, then die. Oil painting.painting can gradually art to have painting public painting Shared and painting intervention value the art cultivation of planting promote era.
The new normal of stubborn oil painting.

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