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famous oil painting means less than a presumptuous guest usurps the hosts role
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The zisha market is looking for an emotional bias
In the 21st century, there have been a number of series of increases. Because ZiShaHu alone can create a group, a growing number of purple glow skills right in the face to truly, purple sand art works, collective labor is not really the best painting forms. Since ancient times, a family as the unit of the building are more appropriate to the creation of the recommended, therefore, yixing purple sand field entered before restructuring, with a fresh purple sand art studios did the previous content of factory production, thus prison system and create a force, ZiShaHu first appeared on the market many new painting pattern, dependence, further promote the development of the purple sand culture.
On the other hand, the marketization of zisha art is accelerated, and the modern zisha teachers have been reshuffled. Years, leading the yixing purple sand art market works of masters of the present high price plummeted, on the contrary, some artists violet arenaceous art paintings from the tribes of collectors. Judging by the fall of 2016, some zisha stars have seen their works show up, and prices have risen steeply, leading to a small number of modern gamblers. As you can see, these works in the lead now do some noble aesthetic generous, vigorous momentum with the past life of oil painting also has a violent change, make the collection, investors, and the work area are also determined the finale and energy.
In the past 40 years, zisha civilization has been developed and flourishing, and it has become a kind of cultural property, which has led to the financial capital of art. In recent years, the market for zisha has been almost always a collection of purple oil paintings and art. A large minority of people have returned to protect the rich story of zisha art, with less attention to the civilization of the purple sand and the hidden dangers and titles of the market. The author thinks that the consumption of zisha culture will continue to wither in 2017, custom oil painting at the same time, the demand of zisha market will return to reason, so that the market can be promoted more.
When we talk about zisha civilization, we often refer to the "literati pot" and the "civilised pot", which is not an approximation of the two POTS. The writer thinks, "the literati pot" is the period that the literati put into the style of zisha pot. ZiShaHu stereo modelling art, it is starting from the date of birth paintings have on the pot body carve calligraphy and painting decoration, the decoration is in nature the literati feelings, calligraphy and painting, seal cutting very gap.
From the perspective of the real economy, the exhibition economy is also one of the development of the zisha market. Over the years, zisha exhibition economy has grown stronger and stronger. According to incomplete statistics of oil painting, the held a variety of tea tea set fair every year, giddy heavy as many as 100, purple sand culture consumption market has risen from cadre of professional market to market, but this kind of consumption mainly purple work display the art of creative products in the end, the original with daily recommended by warm the bust of the low end.
Oil painting from the Internet market, under the backing of "Internet +" become a trend, art electricity rushed protuberant, violet arenaceous market was angry for long effect. According to statistics, the annual turnover of low-end zisha in 2016 has reached 3 billion yuan, with an estimated total of 4 billion yuan this year. On the day of January 11, 2016, the Internet volume of yixing zisha pot was nearly 200 million yuan, and the sale of the Internet to the brick-and-mortar store brought a great attack.
As usual in the industry, the "literati pot" is a clay pot made by cultural people. Pot of "civilization" is contributing to the literati, east melon wanted to exaggerated oil pot, pot of "civilian" must not be pot of "culture", but a pot of "civilization" is not necessarily a pot of "civilian". Pot of "culture" is a kind of blend in literati taste, for religious refrigerator are recommended in the flesh, means less than simply ZiShaHu have inscribed poems on calligraphy and painting can be referred to as the "pot of civilization". Of ancient have "pot with your oil paintings, words with pot spread" of the span, the modelling of ZiShaHu aesthetic is the main, calligraphy and painting decoration on the pot body is a kind of light power, famous oil painting means less than a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, more means less to decorate and decorate, want to just to the guest officer.
In the 1990s, the price of zisha was rising. On May 6, 1994 oil paintings, Gu Jingzhou a recommended works in yixing ceramic company department by Hong Kong collectors with 740000 wear (according to the exchange rate at that time, about 1 million yuan) for bought, invented the Gu Jingzhou are recommended in the market for the first time. After that, the price of the works of yixing zi-sha craftsmanship was first increased year by year. Oil painting
From the beginning of the year 2000, large art auctions in Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing and other places have been around the world. In 2008, the China guardian auction special sealed off the recommended first auction, painting news gathered and further raised the collection of modern high-end recommended LaoPoEr gas, since the canvas 10 years, 20 Gu Jingzhou first long yuan recommended flush, by 2015, a set of ZiShaHu hammer with 80 million yuan (nearly one hundred million yuan) combined with the lender, kill broad fans, rated in the recommended market is institutional investment collection municipal district.
The "literati pot" is divided against the "culture pot"
Internet sales mi threw keen rental stores ready cash, but because the violet arenaceous art need eyes to see, have speculated to one-sided understanding, the author found that the Internet ZiShaHu for more clinch a deal the price is in one thousand yuan of less than, green help lower violet arenaceous daily oil pot, truly high-end arts are recommended as usual need to guanghua superior radical entities shops or broker company to run, high-end recommended online clinch a deal close to zero. It takes more years for the Internet to start a brand, and it takes more time to build a brand.
Oil painting
In the autumn of 2016, on the one hand, influenced by the macro economy, the zisha market was modeled after the depth of the mediation. Gu Jingzhou, for example, from HanHai, Christine lagarde, poly auction companies such as asunder, kuang shi, orthodox, extraordinary force fall after all, his works are no more than ten million yuan, clinch a deal valence canvas trim is in 1 million yuan to 5.5 million yuan between, sometimes fall to hundreds of thousands of yuan. 2015 had created a record 80 million yuan hammer Gu Jingzhou "big plum flower pot" orthodox auction, the auction closing low of 2016, and no good commendable works on, she is not have painting Gu Jingzhou are recommended, and a small amount of yixing outgoing on this bright.
The zisha can be more valuable than other ceramics collections because of its limited use in yixing. What is the future of the culture of the zisha pot?
The oil painting industry of zisha has grown in several ways
Gu Jingzhou, for example, violet arenaceous of his works from hundreds of yuan to hundreds of millions of yuan for nearly 10 years time, from 1 million yuan to 10 million yuan for 10 years, from 10 million yuan to nearly 10 million yuan also use light for nearly 10 years, 10 years a stairs, launched the whole painting a big development of yixing purple sand in the parking lot.
In the autumn of 2016, a series of auctions in yixing zisha hotels crossed the scale of Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Such as yixing and letter of purple sand art auction company, Gu Jingzhou 4 pieces of the subject matter is leaving at 51.75 million yuan, 51.75 million oil painting 00000 yuan, 17.25 million yuan and 00000 yuan (including horse) day price clinch a deal. Although there are still two works auction, but the wire will not affect Gu Jingzhou contemporary violet arenaceous building led the warriors seats, 4 pieces of homemade clinch a deal to violet arenaceous collection circle brought no small ripples.
From the point of the secondary market, the purple sand painting high-end art auction market has become a barometer of purple sand art market, deeply influenced the violet arenaceous part-time heritage and development. In 2008, a large auction of purple clay POTS found a brilliant starting point for the value of the clay pot. In 2012, the recommended differentiation on the price, and then to 2016 oil paintings bluff type slide, combining site in the value of the investment, are recommended as came to a three road: market in choosing tendency, practitioners in the pottery figurine in hesitation.
The zisha pot auction market has been through the process for more than a decade, and the modern zisha art, represented by gu jingzhou, has led the growth of the oil painting in the market. But demand has seen that in the past two years, there have been changes in the market, and in 2016, there was a lot of trouble in the market for zisha market, and the price of the auction was half and half. To this, we can just 2016 autumn sales data to appreciate the patch, can also from the other two markets (conservative entity market and emerging net oil painting collaterals) discussed in the answer.
Ancient zisha civilization and purple sand collection heat can be traced back to Taiwan in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The drug Lord, who works in the zisha pot, makes about 500 people, and the product is in short supply. And then on the recommended physical quantities of oil painting by HongKong mouth to Taiwan, Hong Kong as a recommended station direct sales in Taiwan and southeast Asia market, also played the advantage of such for the local market are recommended in the upper hand.
Jiangsu yixing ZiShaHu from birth after the Ming dynasty zhu yuanzhang advocate loose tea, only in advance as the tool of make tea, it was not until later period of Ming dynasty horse painting surface into the text, jade belt life livelihood from dong qichang, Chen Jiru civil right in the face, truly are recommended gradually into the literati art. In the qing dynasty, literati more directly contributing to the process of manufacturing are recommended, many artists with ZiShaHu civilized people research modelling and decoration art gimmick, thus painting purple sand pot of creation to the purple sand culture passbook.
In modern day purple sand collection investment, the literati zisha, the famous purple sand keep the market main frontier of the market. The investment market of zisha pot can be divided into two levels: one is the jukework, the other is the collection of investment products, and the two levels include the literati zisha POTS.
Oil painting
At present, the literati ZiShaHu guys should say both prosperity and decline, the prosperous is many painters in locations recommended the creation of a high branch, decaying is a lot of people are out of the mindset of fad, produce with steadfast thoughts for recommended, it is far away from the original intention of pot culture, is only one kind of celebrity paintings.

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