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Face significant corner and macro strong hair selling Chinese art oil painting market
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Face significant corner and macro strong hair selling Chinese art handmade oil painting market, how will the Chinese art to the international art lovers and the collection of vision, in add artwork sent overseas to sell clothes at the same time, proposed the Chinese culture and art of "going out", has become the top priority.
Oil painting civilization art foreign auction in the future, should not only carry a small Javanese high-end shorts, outstanding cultural art and civilization, and also should have more side artwork or the ministry of the interior in astronomy. Si, voluminous big auction house set up the branch in Hong Kong, not only because the good environment of Hong Kong's zero tariff, also due to the cultural painting works of art "come in" gradually get attention and fast. At the same time, it will be one of the ways in which the future of civilized art will be out of the country by cajoling Internet and e-commerce.
In the export of cultural artworks and in foreign exchange, it is difficult for us to fight oil painting.
Although today's global ostentation and extravagance for the art of "going out" a positive, international policy to incite and approve or make the art of "going out" close shot light, however, many in art "come in" still exist in China, identify problems, project title is input of culture and art painting goods cannons.
At the same time, the customs policy of art has greatly restricted the pace of the development of civilized art. Foreign cultural artworks "come in" and "go out" with domestic cultural works are influenced by customs and trends.wholesale oil painting If this kind of situation means less access to improved, so that the art market of oil painting in China civilization, culture, art of footsteps and art "come in" will be badly affected.
Chinese art school notes are not only an important part of the production of the Chinese culture, but also the growth of the culture. Despite cultural art, painting field "come in" seem still have many title problems, development in a short period of time is not bright, but put long term, the vision of future cultural art output into practice will be a piece of burning shuo.
China's large expo was held at today's powerful metal gray for father and professional oil painting in the international trade in art supply logistics, law, finance and other supporting your work time is not ripe, therefore, should further construction and completed external director finely, they can better to promote our country's international artists and art civilization. At the same time,Sandro Botticelli it is necessary to further the support of the policy in order to better integrate the art of the disc and the artist together in the painting. Beyond that, it is also necessary to travel to the state of the country.
In 2016, the market for the box art market is gradually becoming more and more humble, but the western market still accounts for the Great Wall, and the output of Chinese art is difficult.
He show, art output makes a good culture of oil painting, bearing in the middle of the culture of Chinese art can update introduction, without being international capital and driver hype and spread the word.
Civilization and commerce have always been the short boards of our international trade. In recent years, in order to promote the product of Chinese culture, we have introduced a series of preferential policies to encourage and support the export of oil paintings. In support of the authorities and cultural suitors together the gumption, cut from time to time, the ministry of foreign trade and civilization in China's sphere culture soft strength significantly increased, art of "going out" quietly stay.
Cultural cognitive retardation and cultural identity are necessary for the output of art.the first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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