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HomeNewsArt Knowledge → How to know the difference of hand painted oil painting and printed painting?
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How to know the difference of hand painted oil painting and printed painting?
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The difference of the hand painted oil painting and printed painting

Advantages of hand-painted oil painting
One, the picture effect is good
Hand-painted oil painting to show people the natural side Don't look deliberately natural
Second, save time
Hand-painted oil painting to save quite a long time and have a lot of famous paintings in the world, has a history of hundreds or even thousands of years, so the hand-painted oil painting has great collection value.
3. Good adornment effect
Strong hand-painted oil painting art atmosphere, a painting that has grade, can reflect the owner elegant artistic temperament, give a person a kind of noble feeling, more to beautify the living space of the owner.
The disadvantage of hand-painted oil painting
A long, the production process
A painting are generally made from 3 to 15 days, the production process is too long, so warn broad customer, a good work is worth the wait.
2. And new oil paintings have a smell
The smell of new oil painting, really a bit difficult to accept, painting, like the house that new clothes builds, one to two months can basically eliminate the smell of oil painting. But there are high-grade oil paints is no taste, but has not yet been sold in China. So many other art dealer to do this without business, I very headache this problem.
Three, hand-painted oil painting is expensive
Hand-painted oil painting really than prints and prints is expensive, hand-painted oil painting cost is high, the production process complicated. Can if the cost of hand-painted oil paintings, prints and prints the same, I believe that hand painted oil painting is sure to print out the market and print painting.
The advantages of spray painting and printing oil painting
A clean, picture
Spray painting and oil painting picture clean printing Surface effect is good colorful There is no taste
Second, simple production time is short
A picture of how complex paintings, as long as the print machine or printing machine, a few minutes to a perfect spray painting appeared in front of us.
Three, low production cost
Print production cost of oil painting and printed canvas, a piece of canvas print watercolor and can produce a complex oil paintings, such as low cost.
Painting oil painting and printing oil painting defects
A, simple images without administrative levels
It is fatal, it proves that the machine is always can't instead of handmade.
Two short fade easily, save time, the general print oil painting and printed canvas, save the time can't more than two years, the canvas color easy ageing leg colour.
So painting paintings and hand-painted oil painting difference is very big still.

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