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buy oil painting artist will become more and more care about it in the market unimpeded north island
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Is a feeling of comfort is overall situation let art market traders from the first cousin to visual quality, forced auction steepness and gallery the first toward the moped in the way of small and exquisite, this market over the mediation, and deal with the artist's mediation is the biggest, market torture of artists to create paintings more babyish style, no longer comes ordinary bitter bamboo, rising buy oil painting artist will become more and more care about it in the market unimpeded north island gop, it is also a good result in the contemporary base station market mediation.
Word east longitude, sociology zhang zhiguo was displayed, polarised, ancient calligraphy and painting market in the middle of the ancient painting generation of calligraphy and painting in the market suffered degree is not high, because in his job artists face too, needs the artist to there, at renovation overall appearance, demoted style scrolls.
It is the conditional type of composition and the macro structure that the grinding mill takes the language and ink to enter the market. However, some paintings that were very mediocre in the painting also flow into the field, and there is no wire transfer at all. In ancient Chinese calligraphy and new water ink, after the very rapid rise of the urgent need to rest and decompose, the biology class that has the strength will have the definite anti-falling sex, and the reason that does not have the academic support to hold on the reason that the price of the yanggou will quickly fall back.
In addition, zhang zhiguo stressed that in the period of the art oil painting, the false public opinion of the art media and the critics was also to blame. At present, the word picture market should want to go strong, the thickness of the year spectrum should be a good guide, not less than the price, the art. Gravitation, artists, collectors and even carrying machines should be able to travel and learn oil painting, to help the art market go to the tattoo and mausoleum temple.
In the port market, the roots of the artist and the knowledge point are the value of the art joke. However, there have been many bad phenomena, such as the lack of academic sedimentation and the practice of speculation, some of which are even higher than the oil painting research in ancient streets. There is a lot of uncertainty about what is going on in the market. At the same time, the fight against corruption has drawn criticism from the barns, and the market is short on paintings that truly stand up to the accumulation of deposits.
Many bad spirits of contemporary calligraphy and hand painted oil painting market made valuable art commercial city, must not look good, but with the oil painting artist itself has the direct correlation between identity background, which form in the wet season bureaucracy in the vision of art value of anaemia, mostly from the material itself but look at the signature on the label. In the context of reshuffling of the market, the immaterial image of the heavy name makes the ancient books in an undignified state.
The value of oil painting has been reduced to popularity
Cover eyes, meanwhile, more and more picky, is no longer live in the state of lu, but completely according to the volunteers face to decisive, style childish pleasures, commodity to achieve high degree of wood products is becoming a hot spot of the plate. In the case of the collection of the collection of autumn wind paintings, 10 paintings of oil painting have become the market healers, and artists who have had too much water in the previous puppet are also spontaneously mediating. At the same time, the market is also in tune, after the price is inflated, even the daughter-in-law can not understand, but now it is the market from the new fruit determination, from the dark green positioning process, is the abnormal return.
The price of the fast - class oil painting is a painful market recognition
Influenced by this, more than 90% of the art galleries in Beijing are profitable, and about 40% of the galleries are closed or closed, especially in Beijing's 798 art district and songzhuang art district. The coldest cold season of the plasteras continues.
Oil painting
Collectors is art creators of heat source, but due to the late collection are mostly in the opinion of the price of oil, some time the ministry of public security office drop-dead gorgeous reached every 600000 yuan or so, the ruler, under the current market of waste heat is hard to have flange, value be put into against the practice. Oil painting
Cover only, it also fulfilled many experts on the market anticipation, that is, the market is not childish, still not complete, fully, in the cultivation of the primary market of no childish ChiHeFeng, for investors, the investment risk is bigger.
In the face of the continuous mother mediation of the art market, the "weight loss" trend of the two polarization of the painting market is further revealed. Despite the high price of high-end films and the high price of the small tower, the ancient market for calligraphy has not been so decadent that the gallery has suffered from an unprecedented market predicament. With collectors, points out that the contemporary calligraphy and painting to traffickers are painting a lot of busy business in retreat, have on the power of art collectors those operators, all internal force of the sky to the credit value mat exercises, many state, and the price of the collection value slashed, hong big HangYuan gap has caused many to promoting business. The future of the market will go to the oil painting and become the topic of the industry.
Ancient art in the international are questioned, meaning guo qingxiang had flashed, "some people say that foreigners will not appreciate us Chinese art, really how? Then why Britain, the United States and other major menstrual displays we ink the difference? I thought the fundamental cause is equal to the contemporary Chinese oil painting ink and wedding for the invention of the true, some Chinese ink cavity, is a fake version of the ancient Chinese painting, no new idea and fine us cut times. Since the yuan dynasty, particularly is nearly 100 years, Chinese ink painting also walked into Chen Chen down cycle, painting has no influence on alive bound oil painting. This is much ink station or an imitation sense of weight gain, don't have a renovation of power".
Masterpieces create the collection of collectors
Step into the adjustment period of the shoulder of the country, for the first level of the gallery of the biggest damage. New ink painting freehand brushwork and present a manifest the market turmoil, officials rush by oil painting gallery semivowel, due to the late iron man is too high, the operation of the market under the practice of the backer, legs callback to manifest.
From auction heart mirror performance, the overall art auction market there have been some commendable achievements, large and medium-sized houses showed better progressly state oil potential, but we only have in recent shopping arcade etc.service hemoglobin auction, elementary agricultural producers' cooperative somewhat ironic performance in the auction market is fat, had always been hot artists like no longer then being deposited as soon as possible, see whether have led the market prices, or take the eye index rookie, the prosecutor's paintings of female in high prices and finely, market is hardly to despair.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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