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How to study the skill of impressionist style paintings?
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How to study the skill of impressionist style paintings?
Guide language: for more like art friends, everyone must have heard of impressionist!!!! Is a a 19th century European style of painting, his works so far still regarded by many professionals, can see how it works is good. So you know impressionism in painting is what skills? Don't know if it doesn't matter, today small make up will give you a detailed introduction of impressionist paintings drawing skills, want to learn friends to look at!
A, impressionist style of painting creation is basically adopt direct illustration, usually given priority to with white canvas color to get the strongest basal foil, but there are also different as picture color with cream or light gray canvas base. General shoulds not be too fine, coarse texture of canvas texture can cause pigment color layer looseness, cohesion in colour will not be too rigid, but also to do painting. Besides renoir and tired, such as one of the few artists like to use thin coating method, the most typical of the impressionist painters use thick coating and in different regularity and finely brushwork and color coordinate method, the use of paint for more opaque color and translucent color, through crisscross overlap or coordinate method to produce colorful color contrast and the effect of vibration.
Impressionist painting techniques

Second, the new impressionist and post-impressionist painter, although on the concept and the traditional impressionist have substaintial distinction, but are no basic differences in material and technique characteristics, but more emphasis on subjective color. New impressionist color completely according to the principle of spectrum seven color separation, only without the harmonic spectrum of the basic color even coloring point of painting, so also known as divisionism strictly. But different painters stipple pen or have obvious difference, monet's relaxed freedom, pissarro roundy sophisticated, van gogh's bold and vigorous, and seurat careful rigorous, etc. Each has his strong point.
Impressionist painting techniques
Three, impressionist painting step as it is known, generally in outdoor sketch of fluent common thicker paint a little painting directly mixed to form a dense brushwork texture and color coordinate effect, because the places sketch mostly in the form of a complete, so basically is given priority to with wet painting, not few toning media agent diluted when necessary. In painting production or need to work for many times, as he will pay attention to the order after first thin fat, generally spread to the turpentine toning thin out first impression, and then further with all the colors of the thicker, can also use dry drawing, with CunCa sweeping brushwork paint covering color, make the base and the upper color form intricate colorful effect. Don't adjust too dead when mixed pigments, let different color naturally, by using the vision to make sharp contrast. Is given priority to with thick coating processing techniques should also pay attention to the thickness contrast very, want to have a well ventilated place, can not blindly pile paint, otherwise the screen appear already, also can cause oil absorption or the problem such as craze, the painting is not ideal, or wait for dry after weight and scrape to draw as well.
Impressionist painting techniques
Four, impressionist paintings exquisite frame integral colour rhythm transformation connections, loose artistically is fluent, the pen is very important, this with freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese style oil painting is the same, if too attention to detail, can appear stiff and rigid. So the handling of the form to sum up, bold to "get carried away," the "meaning" that is the characteristics of the color and pen and lasting appeal.
Impressionist painting techniques
Above is the small make up today to introduce the relevant knowledge about the impressionist painting techniques is introduced, the impressionist paintings believe many professionals are preferred, because it's painting style is very suitable for our now of an age. Small make up to you detailed introduces the impressionist paintings above techniques are, believe that for where has the interest in friends, small make up today's explanation is very useful, and is valuable. Today is the interpretation of these, hope to everyone in the future painting can play a certain help.

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