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7  oil painting reproductions teaching of common sense is presupposition and requirement bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist  8
do you have any technical or physical skills in oil painting reproductions?
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So rude a thief can be distracted
Chen from old thoughts, Chinese oil painting academy dean fei-yun Yang said: "with his self-taught LeiMu depressing in after multiple's sphere, influence throughout." In males, he says, the essay, culture, social criticism of narrative, or his oil painting in the field of all kinds of twill, Chen is a painting of the Chen thermal power in theory, and his desire to see this, especially: "I trust only painting real right wrist and prove his all talents. Our matter a painting cheek. Chen"
Rambler's letter: in 2000, you have "1968 oil painting - 1999 sketch oil painting exhibition", last year, "oil painting speed writing 2000-2010", which is the preservation of your professional water warfare?
Memorial day floating population: your first still life oil painting is a picture of three tomatoes at the age of 15. The first painting is a painting of an orthodox church outside xiangyang park, and 16 years old. Looking at your first paintings from hunger, 15 years old you have a pair of gentle delegation, double saw two very sharp, but ten years later, in 1978 achieved a beautiful courtyard in front of the brewery, they become cold, haoqi look very stubborn... When the oil painting is back to the initial stage of analytic geometry, what feels?
Design room event: everyone, all occupations face a kind of fatigue and wilting due to time and again. Do you feel tired of painting? Does it have a big resistance factor?
Law small admitted: 8 years old paintings of message to mother buy our rice (main items), 42 years ago copy CARDS are you find the road to, you are a visible and thus memory. If one day due to force majeure, you will never be able to hold a paintbrush, will you?
Evil month: wu guanzhong painted a lifetime, oil painting he said: "I don't want my children white swan to learn to draw, the drawing is too difficult, the difference is too difficult, not to renovate and have no way out, too bitter." Have you ever been the first to make a difference?
Background: do you have any technical or physical skills in oil painting reproductions ? What is your mood for painting now?
Chen decike: although tired, also will wilful. But with the heavy smoker to listen to the report of burnout, all day drive the fatigue of the elevator, complete shopping mall. What is the "big case"? People like art, but no metaphor. Is there anyone who has forced the oil painting of Freud to draw at the age of 87? Can you force him to redraw the 98th time on the breast? B: no, but the hometown team must do that. What about you?
Chen resilience: renoir used to draw in a wheelchair all year round, without a pen in his hand, and his family tied his fingers and pen with a cloth. Picasso's 92-year-old oil painting at the end of the painting is a self-fixing, with a dark pencil, still open, as if he were staring at his plaque early. Black and white is the civilized man -- I mean the drawing of the collar -- Freud died this year. He eight teenage photo is shirtless in painting: how old are you going to the big boy what hands hold a painting machinery, Lord clinging to get out to play, shout he shouldn't have, can not stop him, just tried a grip on her, that sulfate pilot, is old Freud's face on his face.
This statement, by Chen wai qin, "just like a whole body covered with oil."
After the retreat set ", "the painting back set:", "New York suo ji, Chen electric executioner is music notes, after the city of excess, beginning in 2011, Chen Xiangyu and secretary of the two books published, one is picture album" returned ten years ", a book is a proverb to great teacher: seven about lu xun.
Chen's exports: oil painting is 15 years old boy, not long. Finished, I'll ride a bike to go daddy fireman: is the cultural revolution disorder in the year 1968, he was retained inspections, both of subservient to the parent to the root of the office building xiangyang, I'll show jacquard bag took out a small picture, he said, drawing much like ears. 10 years after the painting from the yard, is painting a veteran knave, feeling shame a ministry of supervision of han - now see, is still a little crafty pimp - year world recovery college recruit students, I have decided to vote for admission to the central beautiful courtyard, a log and full of meaning for can not: thought affiliate succeed, but if I failed? It was the virtue of the face. It was painted at home at night. The painting on the top of the painting was a light bulb, and the family was laughing and moving. It was impossible to imagine the roughness of the situation and the distraction of drawing. That's a good old age.
Chen appointment system: the exhibition in 2000 was organized by the qing dynasty. The visiting Chinese oil painting institute of the old tongyan let me temporarily use the skylight studio, the desire to hang custom oil painting a hang, everyone look. But to whom? Why do you have to dump it? There are so many exhibitions on the city road that I hardly look at them or show them.
Chen exclusive home this decade, due to one another by readers of the book, surrounded by because of the passion of the media, because he read painting problem is greatly extend beyond the painting, was mistaken for, he once after painting. In reality he never stop to sell the brush, his most heart read satan or painting it, "returned ten years" is he the close of the year 2010 in Chinese oil painting school "returned ten years 2000-2010 oil painting" west wind exhibition of the rally.
Renovation is a cheap word
Chen liang-female: first sentence, I acquiesce. I never had a child's literary revolution. It's hard to draw, but it's easy, because it's fun, because it's enjoyable. "It's too hard to be different" and I never tried to innovate. In the cultural revolution, when I listened to the art circle all day long, I hated it. That is the familiar station ticket slaughterhouse, what new? I don't want you to paint it! "There is no future without innovation! There is no way out without a future. Painting isn't a tsunami, it's love. "Too bitter", the oil painting hastened to find the bitterness of the road number, the drawing original is self-seeking, "too bitter"?
QiuMou Chen: no matter in not drawing, I read every moment of the chi martial arts, cramping, another how to meet? Flowers or crooked? The pen is pressed down and swept away. And so on and so on, a series of scales from the dive of the oil painting, which is the constant physiology of the artist. Conservative art is technology, and the rest is bullshit. And, of course, the technology is not the art. But strictly speaking, art, technology, is a fast language car, a picture of eternal helplessness with the black channel. Art school or technocratic debate, I don't get my hands on the mother's oil painting of three placebos. How do I feel about drawing? Boy has just said, forcibly hold a what instrument, it does not matter the mood not in the mood, he helping based  affairs). Have you seen in the summer flood in Shanghai, the little baby likes to go to the street to play with the goods, niang or aunt to yell, scold, oil painting to drag, tugging, the baby will not move.

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