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HomeNewsWholesale Informations → The song porcelain of guangdong province was far beyond the tang dynasty
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The song porcelain of guangdong province was far beyond the tang dynasty
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In the song dynasty, lingnan area not only produced the production of changlong, but also officially opened the curtain of the production of lingnan art ceramics. The initial batch production of the first batch was the ceramic products that satisfied the aesthetic requirements.
New intervals, such as white porcelain and badminton, are officially presented
The paper introduces that chaozhou kiln oil painting is the first kiln for the production of fine art ceramics in the song dynasty. In the chaozhou penholder mountain, four unbroken and unbroken porcelain statues were found, all of which were 31cm high, with white glaze except for the bottom, head and mustache. Four statue of Buddha pedestal engraved with flat four years "governing" divided into "dare to change two years", "dare to change the first pu month", "painting in June of the first year of dare to change" and the name of the place names, name kiln, consecrate days craftsman, there's a bronze inscription 63 words in this, "chaozhou water kiln shell in the east, the disciple liu tongqi Chen fifteen niang, heart plastic shakyamuni Buddha ever charged feed, for father mother liu took ten li ErNian a male family seat mount Kilimanjaro protect peaceful, hong xuan ping ding four years not years old paintings on 30, zhou Ming craftsmen." This inscription clarifies the primary use of the porcelain Buddha, and opens the contents of the statue of the case, and there is a non-congener aesthetic brush.
According to the introduction of zeng, the northern song dynasty was the booming period of the oil painting reproductions development of the porcelain industry in guangdong province, and it was the third time for guangdong to develop the oil painting stage after han and tang. Site diffuse yan in chaozhou, jieyang, chenghai, huiyang, huizhou, bo luo, longchuan, zijin, heyuan, dongguan, haifeng, foshan, nanhai, sanshui, new, yangchun, yangjiang, enping, zhanjiang, wuchuan, hai kang, lianjiang, SuiXi, zhaoqing, high to, yunan, fengkai, shaoguan, shixing, south Milwaukee, painting kernel, lechang, ruyuan, guangzhou, panyu, maoming, gaozhou county, HuaZhou, XinYi, 42 cities and counties, such as shenzhen, mei country, xin build site 612, bare site of nearly one thousand.
The green glaze is the most important glaze of the song dynasty lingnan, the dishes and dishes and POTS, etc. As a result of the firing temperature, atmosphere and glaze for the content of fe is endless and same, blue glaze color depth is not, therefore show dark bluish grey, azure, light grey, green, brown, green, such as color difference, SAN shek wan kiln is a time in transit glaze white green, it is also called the green glaze. The white glaze products have been excavated in chaozhou, huizhou, Buddha's oil painting mountain shiwan and yangjiang shiwan and so on. The kiln glazed has been made in lian jiang, guangzhou, foshan, nanhai, etc., but the number is less. A piece of a kiln that has been unearthed in the south China sea has been unearthed in the northern song dynasty.
An oil painting Juan also breached the tang dynasty's LOVE element
In addition to chaozhou and shiwan, song kiln in other places also made some art ceramics from the bare hands. There are dogs, horsemanship and puffins in the western village of guangzhou. In huizhou kiln, there are porcelain toys such as puppies, puffins, small gourds and some sculptures.
Oil painting
The song porcelain of guangdong province was far beyond the tang dynasty, and the varieties of gantry and glaze were multiplied, and the new varieties of white porcelain and cold porcelain were officially introduced. According to the research articles ShenGuRen, lingnan groups said in song dynasty ceramics department of longquan celadon, but in addition to the common blue glaze, and low pressure brown, white, light gray, sauce, oil painting to saint, teeth yellow, green, pea green to bake with green sauce, black, sauce and so on glaze color, in addition to the variable glaze color magnanimous.
ShenGuRen thought, ling nan song dynasty ceramics for daily use have a way of aesthetic characteristics, is appearing in the numerous rich plain artificial, appearing in the beautiful energetic relaxed, shallow stack, and despicable, oil painting exhibition show increasingly towards social citizenship and looking for love of beauty.
Period of northern song dynasty porcelain industry of guangdong is strong, also be the han, tang dynasty guangdong's third stage porcelain Mercedes, according to the famous ceramic archaeologists Ceng Guang billion, according to the discussion of the job in 42 cities and counties in guangdong today found oil painting site 612. Ling nan song dynasty porcelain glaze color, rich and breakthrough of daily comedy, the tidal range hand producing ceramic products, meet the aesthetic requirements of the metaphor of Buddha, mago like mud, east war head, donors dogs and so on, the beast SAN shek wan kiln head class chahai, is closed after the famous national "shiwan gongzai" fountain of art oil painting art.
Ceng Guang introduction, in the song dynasty, lingnan porcelain wares TaiZhi generally thin, modelling balloon, sintering temperature are usually at about 1250 ℃ to 1300 ℃, arrived in China of radish. Porcelain decoration also broke through the tang dynasty, love a plain old practice or precedent, bowl, plate, plate, pot, the oil painting, waist drum, and so on the table a scratching, printing, carved flowers, coloured drawing or pattern, stippling, hand-cut printing combination, hand-cut printing combination of coloured drawing or pattern, etc. There are also Buddha statues of sakyamuni, the statue of music played by the Buddha, a book of extramarital love, horse riding, and a porcelain dongyang, a porcelain Oriental and porcelain.
If the oil painting says that porcelain Buddha is not complete fine custom oil painting art, then, the two pieces of ma gu clay unearthed in chaozhou kiln, European and American image, American and American dogs, etc., are completely fine art works. Ma gu is a colorful figure, and the chaozhou porcelain artists chose this theme to make statues to meet the growing aesthetic and tight oil painting of society. Western European faces are produced in response to export demand.
The northern song dynasty was prosperous, with its kiln site in 42 cities and counties
Foshan shiwan kiln is another kiln for producing fine art ceramics in lingnan, song dynasty. The existing stone bay song dynasty fine art pottery and porcelain works, such as the beast head pottery and pottery, etc. The painting of the beast's head oil painting blocks the truth of the art of "shiwan chai" in the world.
According to the famous ceramic archaeologists Ceng Guang research data shows, the guangdong ceramic archaeological work was conducted in June 1952, right in the face truly, begin to build guangzhou west village kiln, followed by chaozhou kiln in tang and song dynasty. To painting than a massive task to carry out cultural relics census (ancient ceramics used for census), from 1956 to 1956, from 1982 to 1982, after the province's eighty-two cities and counties in inventing new ovule age to Ming and qing ceramic address calculating 1382 (cumulative mining new course time period to the Ming dynasty painting site 57 seats).
The curtain on the production of lingnan art ceramics was officially unveiled
Shen jiashen believes that the enamel of the southern song dynasty is still a rich one, but it is better than the north. The result of lingnan is the southern xinjiang, the kiln field is a civilian kiln, facing the military and the people united and foreign markets, not the oil painting official.

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