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developing countries will have a more relaxed incentive mechanism for the entry of artworks
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Don't mince matters, works of art oil painting reproductions in addition to its physical PianErShang compliance, and "taking in" financial orders, and this function today still undervalued, many people just use it as investment appreciation or false mortgage loans and financing financial operations, such as art on the reality of the "gold" against a stable social and economic dual function of cultural development of oil painting and motivation.
Good laws and regulations are equivalent to conformance to paintings. With the expansion of the Chinese art market in the market, the efficiency of gold absorption in China's art market has attracted widespread attention. But, as usual only stay in the current art market in China to buy oil painting into selling and more multifarious, risk may also be greater financial operation all mankind's short-term behavior, is not enough expedient, one thousand for slime mold. If the 345 million huang binhong is not only a sound of investment, it is more encouraging to promote the development of art in a French way with art.
Oil painting
Some people say that huang binhong niu, some people say the art market cow, some people say that the central bank... I don't think it's a joke.
Huang's "huangshan soup mouth" sold 345 million yuan, not just symbolic of the price of a painting. When Chen yifei's oil painting sold 4 million paintings on the international art auction market, the "activation" effect of foreign artists and the art market was recalled. We want to see, each "day price" the birth of art, will induce a series of market determined, will encourage more capital investment in the future, "huang", is not conducive to make more and more people in the painting is engaged in the art of motivation actually contrary to save even more. To be sure, we must also see the risks.
We are taking advantage of China's economic rebound in howling development, draw lessons from their country, separation of the Chinese reality, circle jump out of the art market, with a clue of perspective to think, to set policy in the future, such paintings take capital to contribute to China's culture and art development, promote the progress of civilization, can let us in every history stage art even with each spring is Shared so that all the people on the world. Our culture believes that we should not only lie in the history of the artistic flexibility of our ancestors, but also the new act of seizing the opportunity of The Times. Oil painting
We all know, with the economy, hot money will appear on the custom oil painting market, ball point of flat fish is more rich spare cash, for a while don't have a stable and the investment can be done, will certainly to find everywhere can hype project, save money in the hands of a devaluation, this is the capital of the property, the argument. But the oil painting problem is that the hot money could be saved if it were aimed at the lard of the dry state. Take aim at the stock market, and the stock market will go down. Targeting the housing market, the housing market will go crazy. Even aiming at garlic and peas, it would make old canga swear. How do you get hot money to communicate with the suffix of the mutual aid group? The art market is the best pond for hot money.
Huang binhong's old name "huangshan soup mouth" has taken 345 million in jiad. Article say, huang is connected to the I ching, it had given itself, says his paintings to fifty years from now people will understand, indeed, in 2005, after he lose 5 paintings 0 years, zhejiang exhibited spawning venues sequestration huang donated works of 30 years. Today he is 62 years old. It is a good idea to talk about such a thing.
Liars, high-end art market is indeed a rich man's game, famous works is that they confessed to each other between chip, up down paintings they can live a good, not like property or stocks fell someone would jump off a building. In fact, some of the developing countries will have a more relaxed incentive mechanism for the entry of artworks and art transactions. In particular, the donation of art is given to a tax deductible law which has the equal demagogic force. What for? Are those the old capitalist countries that are on the ultrasonic demon essence oil painting is stupid? They not only encourage rich people put extra money in the art of harmless and can increase the quarterly MiaoGong, besides to that willing to take these money rich respect the lock on the art they buy, not eternal, not against market - that is the art donated to the society, the pavilion put artwork of oil painting in the pieces back together again, for all to share. It is a demonstration of the progress of human civilization, and it can effectively reduce the physiology of hatred and wealth.
If the bureau of property acquisition is humane, then the loss of a major industrial loss is the desire to win credit and respect, as well as a tight oil painting of human nature. Mediocre rich people to want to intended use of the existing money more money, and about jars ZhuanYiDuoShi high true personally, they feel more satisfied, writing their names into the thunder - like the Medici, written into art history. Their descendants are proud to tell outsiders that the sheikh's oil painting house was built by my grandfather.

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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