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bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist
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Li xian (1408-1466), character yuen, deng zhou changle (now menglou) man. In the eighth year of Ming xuande (1433), he was the first officer in the cabinet. He had rescued xuanzong, yingzong, daizong, yingzong and the five dynasties of the five dynasties, known as "the elder of the five dynasties".
The gold of the late oil painting in the late oil painting period (FIG. 1), 17 cm high, 15 cm wide, 6 cm wide, 9 cm wide and 421.8 grams. The headdress of the headwear, the earrings of the earrings, the eyes of the eye, dressed in the sky, sitting on the lotus throne, the right hand knot, the left hand to the pearl, the clothing oil painting frills clear. The inscription on the inscription of the lotus inscription: "deng zhou guards the bronze Buddha in the bronze Buddha in the building of a good house" (figure 2). The face of the Buddha, the throne, the red lacquer sole gold, the throne, the petals soft and thin, the lotus petals regularity; Negative soft denudation, red copper tyres, sealing loss. Today, the oil painting deng zhou porch only creates this one.
China's use of yellow copper for splitting the face began in Ming jiajing period (1522-1566). The Ming session of the book: "in jijing, for example, a treasure of six million COINS, practical two fire brass 47,272 jin... In Ming dynasty, song yingxing wrote the oil painting of "tian gong kai wu", "the metal copper" : "the copper is for the world use, the mountain and the oven, there is red copper. It is made of calamine or pygmy and turned to brass. White copper is refined by arsenic and other drugs. The smelting of alum and nitroso is bronze; Guang tin participates in the sound of copper; Lead and diarrhoea are cast copper. The initial quality is just red copper." And bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist, one holding the mail room, one holding a lotus flower, or handheld complications, orb, etc, this is sleeve, the difference between Ming and qing copper like ksitigarbha bodhisattva statues dating place.
There are many characteristics of the Tibetan bodhisattvas in the Chinese buddhist temple: the common Tibetan bodhisattva, the head of the Tibetan bodhisattva, is the celestial body of the oil painting and painting. In the Ming dynasty, the Tibetan bodhisattva was more or less bald or in the head of a buddhist monk. The bald head of the Tibetan bodhisattva, a hand-held Santa Claus, a hand-held lotus, may hold the flag, baozhu and so on. Still, the Tibetan bodhisattvas are often ridden with a boggy dog, whose name is "listen" and "listen". "The ten chakra of the Tibetan bodhisattva", "the Tibetan bodhisattvas", "the Tibetan bodhisattva, is the hot and bustling eye of all the bodhisattvas, and can be a guide to the practice of bodhisattva." Because Tibetan bodhisattva Buddha dharma is widespread, "five turbid evil world" (namely, muddiness, turbidity, worry? Turbidity, living beings turbidity and turbidity. Let all sentient beings be able to believe in cause and effect, return to Buddha, dharma, monk "three treasures", therefore some of the Tibetan bodhisattva statues show the monk phase.
"The Tibetan bodhisattva", transliteration "begging the bottom of the sand". The Tibetan king's bodhisattva is famous for his "the unmoved like the earth, the deep secret hidden" oil painting. In the "long term", he was honored to be the bodhisattva of the Tibetan king of Tibet, the four bodhisattvas of Buddhism, and the Taoist temple, which was widely admired in jiuhuashan, anhui province. Jin qiao (696-794), new luo's monk, alias shi Tibet, title gold deposit. So tang kaiyuan painting seven years (719), the ancient ghost green child Jin Qiao JiaoDu sea to tang, ZhuoXi nine west, send the "raw degrees, bodhi, hell is not empty, the oath, become Buddha revolutionaries, zhou practice 75 years, died at the age of 99. Golden qiao, the new prince of Shiloh, is a member of the golden family of Shiloh, a volunteer book in the southeast of the Korean peninsula. Jincheng, capital city of jincheng custom oil painting , this city. The mountain owner and his pathogenic bacteria, who had previously funded the golden qiao sensation, had their hair cut. After nine west be hid in the dojo, MinXing father and son was shape like ksitigarbha bodhisattva threat shi, Jin Qiao release christians as the embodiment of like ksitigarbha bodhisattva, and buddhist painting Korea become a symbol of friendship with the masses.
Li xian, who is now a private school in flower island of deng zhou, has written a book entitled "reconstruction of the temple of fusheng temple". "in yongle, the tradition of hongchuang, ten new and four or five. Xuande, and then new, will be seven or eight. Since Pepsi, there have been monks of the changhai, zhang yue changsho, six net oil painting heart, zhe zhe DE Ben, xiaochang the main purpose, to observe the commandment, then to the temple, with the unity of the force, with the drawing new. He is a new man of the two disciplines. It is said that tang jian longxing temple, Ming reconstruction renamed fusheng temple, after a period of yongle, xuande, the three dynasties, the three to 45 years "use the picture to finish". To read the inscription of the inscription, the oil painting broke the Tibetan bodhisattva fishing industry as the early Ming dynasty. Ji wang jun, deng zhou zhuzhi "zhi" no carrier, not the official nobility. However, after the creation of the phantom material, it is known that wang jun, a buddhist monk, should be the official font family of deng zhou in the early Ming dynasty. The 48-bit statue of the Tibetan bodhisattva, which he built, should be dedicated to the temple of fusheng temple.

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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