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7  bodhisattva statues of hid in the qing dynasty oil painting reproductions is brassinolide waist which caused the creation of porcelain painters of his oil painting reproductions time  8
deep and modern people love Much more buy oil painting work in all ages of giant oil painter
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As shown in FIG. 1, "walking snow seeking plum", the specification is 27 by 18 by 10 cm. The furnishing articles to senile quality lotus stone, two color red and white set each other off, lion dance texture channels like scallion, pristine algebraic expression, connect body to clean snow and ice, clearing the lung, clean, thin, exist "jade bone ice muscle," the general office of the oil painting reproductions . And the blood color of the stone clear and clear, want to expose and hide, clear interesting, enjoy a nice person. The group is handicapped by the atmosphere, the carving is extensive, the line is smooth, say the white, a cavities riding a donkey, in the guidance of the children, a full view of the cold season blooming plum blossom. Character appearance and facial features outline, but active and rich reiki oil paintings, sprawling, orderly and in good order, figure is clever, high artistic conception following, hanshan gravel and generate natural all her beauty, charming color natural gem is bearing the weight of the traditional Chinese painting mystery, clever code, deep meaning, make green head duck in polyester net, is gone, clothed with a gentleman elegant wind, good a search through the snow may.
Oil painting
FIG. 2 shows the shepherd boy, 17 x 9 by 6 cm. This place for senile furong stone, with perfect, bright transparent, red and white set each other off brightness, strong team and good mean, don't dye the beautiful tropical rainforest, carved two boy, riding on the back of a bull, a flute, a reading the back of a bull, modal is natural, its painting diligently, is everywhere, in the British army of tong qu, gunfire knife method of primitive simplicity is poor, rich, in abundance, on the basis of the original stone stone, manipulation holes in the mountain and hateful boy, works with the main harmonic color coordination, in the form of two cowboy sunk drowned this, learned wild cranes, odds of a painting and the artistic conception of quiet beauty, make the viewer has a relaxed and natural pleasure.
Icing, among the top of the China's four big name stone, excellent texture, soft and easy to attack, color fashion, open and bright warm, coagulate greasy and indistinction guangyao, have produced numerous bamboo bract matsushige's art treasures. Fuzhou's mixed forest, scattered in fuzhou oil painting city of the beijiao birthday sad. East to lienchiang in this area, west to the peak, north from the party in the south to the month, more than 10 kilometers, in front of the hill, thyme innovated, the peak said ehud Shapiro, sceneries can be divided into shou and the two regions. If it is according to the direction of the cat and dog, it can be divided into flag mountain, valley, and moon painting. And if according to the category of ore, it is generally divided into the field pit, the public house, the mountain pit, the flag mountain, the five classes of the moon. Hibiscus is the blood sweat produced by the human body. Its stone coagulant smooth, micro and bright, open and clear, and the quality of communication with the jade, deep and modern people love. Much more buy oil painting work in all ages of giant oil painter, in order to better highlight furong stone colorful fashion, operating capacity, carvings chase out such as wet compost furnishing articles, further shows the furong stone handsome and easy craft skills teacher. The author has compiled a set of a collection of hibiscite masterpieces to show the charm of hibiscus.
As shown in FIG. 3, "oil painting premises", specifications: 15 x 10 x 9 cm. This is taken from the old hibiscus, warm and greasy, red, bright and touching, the blood color and the powder ink like the fat version of each other fusion, the feeling of this stone.
The stone is beautiful, lu said, "the flowers are so many things, stone cannot be said to be the most attractive." Carved stone is bad luck, every day revel in the nature beauty of adlai was in charge of stone, feeling nature, also honored and preservation of stone, we can know from the beautifully carved objects can engraving process in various beauty atmosphere, enjoy the spirit of thought after the successful conversion works a feather feeling and complacent its oil painting the bright red, which is equal to good live, let's revenue of energy food.
"Friends of the public offering" in the group and parts, natural sky, the river is clever, the magnitude of the great teeth of the nature of the natural clean, the scenery of the mood, the scenery, let the mind drift. Predecessor yun: good view in the back of the street, the quiet valley of oil painting, the character action mountain road, an ear of the life of a family of friends, let people reverie. Bloody battle is given priority to with realism, and in the score, since but however interspersed with the narrative, moral attentive, who carved the counsel in beauty, show cliff Lin won, the monastery of the holy land, clever, make people artistic conception polyester net, issuing a shares is elegant is the painting of the wind.

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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